Stacey's family get together at the Rasa Sayang Chinese restaurant, Westmead Road, Sutton on 13th July 2005.

dadmichele nikatstacey18th spencerstacey michelebarry
Dad & Michele Nikki Spencer & Stacey Michele & Barry
dad wayne prawncrackers spencerstacey
Dad Wayne Prawn Crackers Spencer & Stacey
spencerstacey nikki dadnikki michelebarry
Spencer & Stacey Nikki Dad & Nikki Michele & Barry
micheleanthonybarry micheleanthony nikkipaul nik
Michele, Anthony & Barry Michele & Anthony Nikki & Paul Nikki
anthony staceyandthecake staceys18th_thecake anthonydad
Anthony Stacey and the cake The cake Anthony & Dad
Spencer, Paul, Stacey, Nikki, Anthony, Barry, Michele & Dad