bestat This page is all about Wayne's opinion who is best at something or is the most...
didyouknow Little known facts about Wayne.
downloads The applications and utilities that I speak of when keeping your computer system clean and tidy.
favourites This page is all about Wayne's favourites from food to movie, singer to actress and more.
fun This is a page devoted to clever websites or are just simple and fun.
gettingoldwhen Here's a list of whimical lines all about what happens when you're getting old.
jokes Well now these are just plain cool and funny jokes.
knifecollection My Robert Welch Knife Collection.
links There are many other sites that Wayne supports... they are here and get updated from time to time.
musicmoviesvideosandmore From favourite tracks in Wayne's music collection, to home-made movies from still images of family and friends to videos taken with either camera or mobile phone.
orderofservice This page displays the work of Wayne's talents behind the funeral service booklets that he has created for friends and loved ones.
poetry From the half empty head of Wayne comes a modicum of talent that is... word rhyming and almost poetic.
phrases Wayne's own phrases and quotes, Anecdotes, Quotes from Famous People and Wayne's Own Rules Of Life.
previousquotes Daft one-liners or bizarre quotes from friends and family.
recipebook Memorable meals or family favourites... this page is dedicated to Wayne's Dad and features home-made recipes.
recommendaltons The shops and businesses that Wayne has used and would thoroughly recommend to everyone.
rememberingforever Paying tribute and respect to those that have been in Wayne's life and have sadly passed away.
thingspeoplesay Vicki and I sat in a pub having a Sunday roast talking of all of those annoying habits that people have when they are just talking. Here's some of them.
whereitallbegan Created after 20 years of the website's birth date, this page addresses the reasons how and why the website was created at all. There's also a small biog about Wayne himself.
xratedjokes These are a little offensive but just as funny.
WARNING: If you're offended by offensive jokes... do not click on the X-Rated Jokes button.
xxxrated OK. These are outrageously offensive. DO NOT proceed unless you are totally unaffected by anything remotely offensive.
yearsgoneby Yearly reviews of previous years. Every year the website displays highlights of events, meals out, celebrity deaths, purchases, movies watched and more.