This is the reason why was created in the first place. In 1997 I had a conversation with Vicki about wanting to let folk know of what I thought of them, say after I'd gone! She suggested a web page and this is it! A page dedicated to all that played a part in my life and/or continue to.
Since I created this page, I've said goodbye to 13 people who have played a part in my life and with each one, it feels as though a little of me dies as well. Memories and tributes of these people can be seen at the Remembering Forever page.


  • When tapping or clicking on an 'Our Song,' the centre will be replaced with a black player box. Tap/click on another name to return to the previous screen.
  • Any initial text immediately next to someone's name are the original thoughts and tributes from me. Added text over the years is listed and headed as 'updates.'

Afife Leiper
Amanda Cradock
Anthony Alton
Barbara Johnson
tinyroseBetty Gray
Barry Collins
Brenda Russell
Brian Halls
Charlie Watt
Chris Beattie
tinyroseChris Scotcher
Claire Hooper
Dave Bacon
tinyroseDavid Jack
tinyroseDavid Wallis
Debbie Gray
Denise Friedlos
tinyroseDonald Pritchard
Emma Browne
Eugenie Noonan
Frances Osborn
Freddie Townsend
Gary Parker
Gavin Dyer
Gill Browne
Graham Mitchell
Graham Morris
tinyroseGwen Halls
Hayley Warren
Helen Armstrong
Ian C
Ian Latimer
Jamie Green
tinyroseJean Thiel
Jezz Warren
Jim Armstrong
Joan Warren
John Noble
Karen Wheeler
Karl Moffatt
Kate Gardener

  Kelly Alton
Kes Howe
Laurie Noble
Lawrence Watt
Linda Gray
Linda Phillips
Liz Bovingdontinyrose
Lizz Gardener
Maggie Wardtinyrose
Maria Abberley
Mark Smit
Melanie Low
Michael Charlton
Michael Keogh
Michele Alton
Mike Osborn
Nick Ward
Nigel May
Nikki Caiger
Noel East
Norma Browne
Paul Bigmore
Pam Robinson
Paul Caiger
Peter Fields
Richard Le Riche
Ronald Friedlos
Russell Altontinyrose
Sara Benham
Sarah Barnett
Sarah Gibbons
Sarah Williamstinyrose
Scott Williams
Sharon Chapman
Simon Jones
Stacey Wilson
Steve Noonan
Tim Hila
Tony Fishertinyrose
Tracy McIntyre
Vicki Gardener
Wendy Majewska
Zoe Alton