Here's some other interesting websites

I love watching a speeded up journey. I've been searching the internet for the same journey but by car. I wonder if anyone has filmed themselves driving down to Brighton on the M23 and then edited the speed. In the meantime, here's the train version.



saynoto0870SAY NO TO 0870
Here's a fabulous and useful site to keep you from being conned in to calling 0871 and 0844 numbers. If you have a calling plan with BT, you'll have numbers beginning with 0845 and 0870 included in your package. What some people don't know is that it does NOT include numbers starting with 0871 and 0844. If you're just not sure and you have a number starting 08 and you're looking for the geographical equivalent (i.e. starting with 01 or 02) then consider this site for a possible alternative. If the number is not listed, try their search engine by company name too. If you've got a gold number starting with 01 or 02 for a business and everyone else only has the 08 number, why not share it by submitting the number for inclusion to the list on this site? I must save a fortune having this site close to hand.

standbyme_blindmanSTAND BY ME
This amazing video is of 5 sound engineers who travelled the world and recorded very talented street entertainers and got them to perform the famous Ben E. King song; Stand By Me. The blend and mix is totally excellent and this blind guy is by far my favourite. He is Grandpa Elliott from New Orelans, Louisiana.



From a single phone call with Vicki and us both wondering what each wedding anniversary was, i.e., gold for a 50th... I stumbled upon this website that was very informative and even gives gift ideas relative to each year, for example 'paper' is for a first year anniversary and suggests things like tickets to a show or a movie, or perhaps a subscription to a magazine etc.