On Tuesday 6 November 2018, Jezz celebrated his birthday with Wayne, sister Nikki and Harrison. They went to Hollywod Bowl in Tolworth for a few games of ten-pin bowling. Then, went looking for a restaurant and found Wildwood in Cheam Village. It was an Italian restaurant and the food, value, staff and decor were all excellent. Here's the photos of both venues.

jezz47_1 jezz47_2 jezz47_3 jezz47_4 jezz47_5
Harrison, Wayne, Nikki and Jezz Sister and brother A look at the old scoreboard Wayne bowling... nice thigh muscle, there Another group shot
jezz47_6 jezz47_7 jezz47_8 jezz47_9 jezz47_10
The artwork on the toilet doors Wayne bowling On the way to the restaurant Group shot in the restaurant 'Wildwood' Nikki, pleased with her order
jezz47_11 jezz47_12 jezz47_13 jezz47_14 jezz47_15
Drinks and nuts at the lanes Nikki and Wayne The waiter, from behind The clean toilets Garlic Tiger Prawns
jezz47_16 jezz47_17 jezz47_18 jezz47_19  
Calarmari Taleggio & Mushroom Crostini Calzone Christmas Turkey Burger