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7 July 1957 - 19 February 2008


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This website has been created to celebrate the life of the wonderful Jeff Akers.

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"I knew Jeff for approximately the last ten years of his life.  He was a wonderful, knowledgeable man and taught me a thing or two.  Jeff was one of the last few remaining decent men who knew just how to behave in any environment he found himself in, whether it be in Gregg's bakers or aboard the QE2!  I have a few wonderful memories of Jeff and I only wish I had more. I'm comforted by the fact that all he taught me I retain today... I'm only angry that the one about being a kind and decent person to fellow mankind will generally see you right in life... didn't pan out right.
I will never forget you, Jeff... my mentor, my friend.
Wayne, friend

"Jeff was like a breath of fresh air and fun to be with.  He was also someone you could trust, a great person to know, a close friend, someone you could confide in and had an absolute wealth of knowledge.
It’s an honour to know that I have Jeff and Michael as my friends.
I’m going to miss you not being around Jeff, but there will always be a place in me that never forgets you or the good times that we shared."
Jezz, friend

“I am shocked.  I remember him well. He wasn’t a high flyer, but he was a very diligent, hard-working, pleasant boy. He was a very nice, serious-minded lad.  Of all the thousands of pupils I taught, he is one I remember.”

Norman Pereira, French Teacher, Barry Boys’ Comprehensive School

"I only met Jeff a couple of times, he was a great man, funny and very loving.  He will be greatly missed by all he came into contact with.
Tony Fisher, friend

My Dear Jeff was one of the kindest, generous and loyal friends anyone could have. From us attending Barry Boys Comprehensive school to working in David Morgan’s Department store in Cardiff. I have so many happy memories of knowing him, and just can’t imagine not hearing that wonderful laugh of his ever again.
I feel very lucky and honoured to have the friendship and love from both Jeff and Michael; he certainly lived life to the full. I will so miss those camp telephone calls over a cuppa and having a good old gossip and a laugh.
“ Sorrow is not forever ! Love is “
Paul Sheppard , friend

Happy memories of a fun loving friend – a special person who will be sadly missed by many – Jeff is in a better place – our thoughts are with Mike and the family.
Our love as always,
Paul & Mark x x, friends

The loss of Jeff is a great injustice that unfortunately affects someone somewhere at any time.  Jeff was a breath of fresh air.  There were no layers to Jeff - what you saw is what you got – true friendship.  He is already sorely missed and I’m sure none of us will again feel the same level of fulfilment in our lives we enjoyed prior to his death.  He was always at the end of a phone letting rip that unmistakable laugh that could only belong to Jeff.  Let’s hope that he is looking down on us telling us not to worry he is in a good place.  Thanks Jeff for being you and making a difference to our lives.
Always in my thoughts,
Steve (Paul Sheppard's other “arf “), friend

I have very fond memories of Jeff. He was a kind and gentle man, he used to enjoy doing a workout in the gym and was very helpful to other participants and full of fun; we all used to have a giggle.

Norma, friend

Guys like Jeff seem few and far between....he was gentle but firm when needed, kind and giving, non-judgemental and while he had a serious side he could make you laugh and brighten the moment with his wicked sense of humour. Jeff had a wealth of experience he never hesitated to share and encourage others with if called on for help. He took so little when giving so much to those around him. I count myself lucky to have known Jeff and will treasure the memories I have of him.
David Jack, friend

Although I only met Jeff once or twice (on both occasions with friends Paul and Steve), it felt and still feels, like I have known him a lot longer.  Isn't it funny that many people come in to your life then go without ever making much of an impression - Jeff did make an impression on me.  Lovely, funny, wicked all of those things and more.  The last time we shared some time together was at Jo Allan's before a visit to "The Drowsy Chaperone."  There was my partner, Matt and I, Miss Shepherd and Foxy and Jeff.  Jeff was his usual charming self and as usual, great company.

Bye Jeff... it was great knowing you.

Brian Meadows, friend

We knew Jeff through our friends, Paul and Steven and offer our sincere condolences to Michael.  Jeff was a lovely guy and will be sadly missed.

Pauline and Ed Bevan, friends

I knew Jeff through my friend Malcolm McNair and he gave me some valuable and caring advice in my hour of need. We did not see each other for many years but this Saturday we were to meet at Malcolm's for dinner with his lovely partner Mike.  Sadly this cannot happen in this life but I hope he can see us and be part of our thoughts at this most tragic time.

John Saward, Brighton, friend

Well what can I say?  Jeff came to our team as a volunteer ( Ensuring Positive Futures ).  He was the kindest man I have ever had the privilege to have met.  An inspiration to all and a very very good role model for other long term survivors.
Jeff, you have left a mark on my life and I will always remember your kind words and your lovely stories about the theatre.

Jan-Paul Rosen, Volunteer Conference Co-ordinator - Positive Action 2008, Positively Women

I worked with Jeff at UKC.  He was not only a friend but also my mentor.  I learnt a lot from Jeff and was able to progress in my career.  At one point in our working life, Mike Drew used to say I was the third person in their marriage (LOL) as me and Jeff had spent so much time together attending conferences, I have a lot to thank Jeff for.  He helped in building my confidence to pursue a career and change work direction - THANKS JEFF.  I, along with many others, are going to miss you and there are many organizations and people who are going to miss all the voluntary work you did that changed peoples lives. Love Drew Collins.

Drew Collins, Employment and Vocational Advisor, Working Well Trust

I was lucky enough to have Jeff volunteer for my team at UKC.  During this time he spoke at many key events including the TUC conference and also wrote articles to try to break down the stigma surrounding HIV in the workplace.  His communication skills were excellent and he made a difference to so many people's lives by giving so freely of his own time.  On a more personal note, he was also funny, warm and generous of spirit and lived his life to the full.  He filled his life with friends and was so thoughtful,  always bringing in small gifts of newspaper articles he thought would be interesting for me or the family.  His recommendations for shows are sorely missed!  Jeff will be missed by many for so many reasons, but he left behind a legacy to us all, by touching our lives in different ways, but always with kindness and humour. Our thoughts are with you.
The Earl Family,
Christina, Dave, Seraphina and Kingsley x

I've only just been told of what happened to Jeff. He was a kind, funny, positive spirit who made friends easily and always tried to do good. His death is a terrible waste of all the ways in which he would have continued to make other people's lives better. He wasn't anywhere near the end of his journey. My memories of Jeff are all of him being constructive and kind, but with a naughty sense of mischief. He always had excellent gossip, but never with any malice; he celebrated life. He gave a lot to Positive Futures. What's important in life is not people who are natural paragons of virtue, but ordinary people who try their best to do the right thing and make a contribution. Jeff always did that and was a pleasure to be around because of it. Whenever I walked into a room and he was there, it made me smile.

Lisa Power, friend

I knew Jeff as a colleague and friend at Ensuring Positive Futures. I’ll always remember his mischievous smile and his wry sense of humour. He was a pleasure to work with and was one of a kind; a bright soul. He will be sorely missed. The eulogy at his funeral was a beautiful tribute, to his passion for life, his carefree yet compassionate spirit, and to his wry sense of humour. The best tribute anyone can pay to Jeff is to pick up his torch and be a voice for those who don’t have one.
Trevor Skingle (ex Ensuring Positive Futures)

I met Jeff at Greenwich Council in the early 90’s. I loved him from the moment he opened his mouth and spoke to me and I continue to love him to this day. I have had some of the very best times in my life with Jeff and Mike, and they are memories that I treasured well before his untimely death, and I will continue to do so. Looking at this website today only goes to show the high regard Jeff’s friends had for him and how we will all miss him dearly. Thank you Mike for allowing me to stand up in front of some of his greatest friends family and admirers and tell you what he meant to us all, from the many compliments I had that day perhaps in a small way I did you justice.
Love like starlight never dies. Kiss Gary for me x
Jo Bissett 

(For those that don't know Jo and were at the funeral service, Jo was the one that did an outstanding performance of the eulogy reading)

I met Jeff in 1977.  He and I worked together in the Official Receiver's office, Cardiff. Together with another friend, Vi, we were the terrible trio always partying and having fun. At Christmas his mother, Pat, would always come partying with us and we'd always be hours late back to the office. He went to Canada and then London but we always kept in touch. He came to my wedding in 1985 and was his usual self, chatting to everyone and making them laugh. When he met Mike I knew that he would be happy. They were so good together. They visited us in Wales and we always had a great time. He was very caring and loving. I know Michael and his parents, Pat and Peter, are devastated. He used to phone his mother every day and took her to loads of shows and shopping trips. He was always very helpful and caring to everyone, that was just his nature. He was my lovely boy and I miss him so much.
Janet and Malcolm Beer, Penarth, South Wales

I could not let the day pass without remembering it would have been Jeff’s Birthday today,   you may not be here person but you are in soul . Happy Birthday love Drew and family.
Drew Collins, Employment and Vocational Advisor, Working Well Trust (message left on Jeff's birthday - 7 July 2008)

I met Jeff in 1977 when we worked together in the Official Receivers office in Cardiff.  Together with our other friend Janet, who also worked with us, we always had great fun, particularly around Christmas time.  Jeff was the life and soul of any party and I will always remember his laugh and smiling face.  Although we didn't keep in touch that often, we always exchanged birthday and Christmas cards, even when he moved to Canada.  I know that both his parents Pat and Peter, and Mike his partner, are absolutely devastated at this unnecessary and tragic loss of someone who showed so much kindness and consideration to all he met.  Will miss you Jeff.

Vi Turner (formerly Healan) Cardiff, South Wales

What can I say about Jeff? A kind, funny, generous, warm person. Many a morning we sat chatting online for hours on end or meeting up for coffee in various coffee shops. I'm both shocked and saddened at what has happened. He did not deserve it. Rest in peace Jeff.

Your mate Jon xx

I did not know Jeff Akers, but I wanted to drop you a line to say how terribly upset I was to read about what happened to Jeff and how his life was taken away.
My heart goes out to you and to Jeff's family, for what happened to him.   Although I did not know Jeff, I felt a profound sympathy as I followed the events during the Court case as reported in the newspaper.
It was a tragic loss of life and the photos you have placed on your website portray Jeff as a lovely, gentle, beautiful man.
I hope you can move onwards, knowing that Jeff is in heaven, a better place.
All the best to you,



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Jeff - at Wayne & Jezz's

15 April 2005

Jeff, with his new webcam

26 June 2006

Jeff, addressing a fringe meeting at the TUC conference in Brighton 2006

Jeff, on the QE2

Jeff, at the UK Coalition

Thanks Jo for this one. Jeff, Mike and Jo's nephew Liam, at Jo's 50th birthday party (January 2007)







Jeff's funeral was held at Lambeth Crematorium on Friday 30 May 2008 at 1.15pm.  The day, turn-out, weather and service were all perfect.  We didn't need proof that Jeff was popular and loved by so many people... but if you just weren't sure, take a look at the next three photos.  They are of most, but not all, of those who attended Jeff's funeral - mainly because I couldn't capture everyone together in a space small enough to get everyone in!






Click on the cover to open the downloadable version of the Order of Service book.

Here's a copy of the amazing eulogy written and read by Jo Bissett, long-time friend to both Jeff and Mike.