halftoneSince owning the iPhone and messing about with 'apps,' I decided to try out the app Halftone. It's such a hoot. You take a photo and turn it in to one of those photos ready for a cartoon strip. Have a look- you'll see what I mean, in an instant...!

Click here to see them all and click to the left or right to see the previous or next one.


halftone_angie halftone_irene halftone_jakeethan halftone_gardenersisters
halftone_bagel halftone_jezzgallbladder halftone_jezzbeefpatties halftone_jezzyoumakemelaugh
halftone_jezzcockpit halftone_jezzslimmer halftone_jezzhopscotch halftone_jezzlunchsoon
halftone_jezzprofiterole halftone_jezzasleep halftone_jezzbeachyhead halftone_jezz2tired2eat
halftone_jezzthisorsalad halftone_allthepies halftone_jezzwindybroom halftone_jezzongrindr
halftone_nickwardlookalike halftone_jezzvickishittingme halftone_joanhappyfeet halftone_kellymumdad
halftone_kellyeating halftone_dentist halftone_lizzhair halftone_nikkicaiger
jezzwaynehats halftone_nikkiwayne halftone_noelcookiemonster halftone_noellittlebearschair
halftone_sakura thenandnow jezzanianatthorpepark jezzatcliveden
donaldphotosnap maria kellyfame ethanjakeeaster2012
debs vicki nikkicar donaldontheipad
wayneandjezz_chinsup nikcaigeronthebed jamiepants jezzqueen
gavinasleep donaldwaving donaldgarden clivedenwaiter
debbie_oldbanger alfie_ps4 laurie_grope teddy
nikstevequadbike grahamwayne nikboat  
davidjack jezzwaitrose christmas74 davidjack
nikelephants debbieghosttrain tonysanta jezzrocks
charliesangels caigerloveisland