This collection features photos and links of Wayne's family members
dad michele nikki
Dad Michèle Nikki
father sister sister
kelly gran mother
Kelly Gran Mother
daughter grandmother mother
grandpa ethan jake
Grandpa Ethan Jake
grandfather grandson grandson
zoe stacey anthony
Zoe Stacey Anthony
niece niece nephew
gwen brian brenda
Gwen Brian Brenda
aunty cousin cousin
bob charlie billy
Bob Charlie Billy
cousin-in-law nephew nephew
alfie freddie lennie
Alfie Freddie Lennie
great nephew great nephew great nephew
paul dean neil
Paul Dean Neil
brother-in-law brother-in-law nephew-in-law
spencer ella lila
Spencer Ella Lila
nephew-in-law great niece great niece
joan hayley betty
Joan Hayley Betty
mother-in-law sister-in-law stepmother
great nephew    


FAMILY continued
This next collection features more photos of Wayne's family.

atthefair betgwendad caigerandnikki fouraise zoealfiestacey
At the fair Bet, Gwen and Dad Caiger and Nikki Fouraise Zoe, Alfie and Stacey
A family day out at the fair in Ewell, 1995. Bet & Dad visit Gwen in Cromer, around 1995 Caiger and Nikki on their way to the airport, 2008 Nikki, Wayne, Michèle and Dad, 2002 In Crystal Palace park, April 2010
kellyadam2001 staceyspencerwedding michelewaynenikki dads80th micheles46th
Kelly and Chris Stacey and Spencer Michèle, Wayne & Nikki Dad's 80th Michèle's 46th
Kels and Chris, 2015 Their wedding day in Cyprus, 2008 Christmas 2009 In a chinese restaurant, Croydon, 2004 Michèle, Anthony, Jezz and Wayne
nikweddingcarfamily nikkis40th staceys18th waynes40th  
Nik's wedding, the car and family Nikki's 40th Stacey's 18th Wayne's 40th  
Nik married Paul,
Nov 2006
At Park Place, Mitcham, the family at Nik's 40th July 2005, outside the chinese restaurant Family gathering for Wayne's 40th