Here's the page that features all of the cars that Wayne has either driven and/or owned. He's no Jeremy Clarkson of course but there are some varying degrees of cars, from the Datsun 120Y to the Lamborghini Gallardo. Obviously this is not a professional opinion; just his take on driving different cars.


audia3 Audi A3, 2.0l 26
Comfort: 7 Power: 6 Features: 5 Pose Factor: 8
Oh dear... a whole new league and class of car than I'm used to. This is just stunning. The looks, the drive, the comfort and the speed are just perfect... I feel as though someone at Audi found out all that I love and quickly built a spec designed just for me!
audia4 Audi A4, Quattro S-line 28
Comfort: 7 Power: 8 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 5
I'm told this car was a diesel, but there was no evidence of it all the way home. It's so fast... acceleration has to be felt to be believed, it's comfortable like a Mercedes, and the interior is somewhat reminiscent of the Lamborghini... well slightly!
simonsaudi Audi TT, 1.8l 33
Comfort: 9 Power: 8 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 8
I love this car. It's also the car that Simon's always wanted to own...and did for a while. I took it for a spin around Warlingham and down toward South Croydon. It's super-fast and a great deal of fun to drive. It's definitely one of those cars you drive and then announce that you want one!
bentleyarnage Bentley Arnage 37
Comfort: 9 Power: 10 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 10
This is the most expensive car I've driven, the Bentley Arnage at £286,000. Forgetting about the disappointing interior with its lack of gadgets and expected trimmings, the drive is amazing. The car is glued to the road and considering its weight, it just strolls past everything. The amazing part of this car is how you feel you're doing 50mph and when you look at the clock, it's actually 90mph.
bmw1series BMW 120d xDrive Sport 35
Comfort: 10 Power: 9 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 8
I test drove this car in January 2017. It's quick, comfortable and affordable. It has a long nose but is quite roomy in the back and plenty of boot space. It has BMW's iDrive which is great for on-screen and big button navigation. This is the 4 wheel drive version and is responsive. I love this car.
bmw3series BMW 320i Sport Saloon 37
Comfort: 10 Power: 9 Features: 9 Pose Factor: 9
I drove this BMW in January as a test drive in preparation for my next car and of course, a natural contender. It just feels luxurious, luxurious enough to chauffeur in. And it's fast and responsive too. I don't feel that it would be right to have without leather interior but I couldn't afford it.
bmw760li BMW 760 li 40
Comfort: 10 Power: 10 Features: 10 Pose Factor: 10
I drove this car for the first time on Christmas Eve 2005 when Nick let me have a go. I drove it from Carew Manor, Wallington to Purley Tesco's petrol station and back home, about 4 miles. I've driven it again since to chauffeur the owner's family on a casino night out. I adore this car. It's luxury to the limit. It's also a rocket to drive... if I hadn't driven the Lamborghini Gallardo, this would be my fastest car that I've ever driven.
bmwx5 BMW X5 32
Comfort: 10 Power: 7 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 7
I didn't get to drive this car very far and therefore couldn't comment much except to say it felt as comfortable as the 7 series, oh and maybe that it was nice and high up from the road.
cadillaclimo Cadillac limousine 30
Comfort: 8 Power: 7 Features: 6 Pose Factor: 9
My first experience ever of driving a left-hand drive car and at driving an American stretched 6 seater limousine. It was good fun and I enjoyed being a chauffeur for so many different people who had hired the car for the evening, from school proms to family nights out. The hen nights weren't so much fun though. I noticed how many people give way to you!
citroenbx19gti Citroen BX19 GTi 14
Comfort: 5 Power: 4 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 1
I only test drove this car a short journey but I do remember it being quite comfortable.
daihatsucuore Daihatsu Cuore 11
Comfort: 4 Power: 3 Features: 3 Pose Factor: 1
This cute little car was Nick's and I drove it a couple of times. I know he didn't buy it for any pose factor but it so cheap to run and economic with fuel... which I'm thinking was a refreshing change for him since running the Lexus and the SLK.
datsun120y Datsun 120Y 8
Comfort: 3 Power: 2 Features: 2 Pose Factor: 1
No.1 joke car of the decade, but strangely enough totally reliable. Back in the days of rust buckets and jalopy corner bargain junk mobiles, came this little gem.  It survived total abuse including having its driver door ripped off by a passing fellow motorist. Hahaha!
fordcortinamk3 Ford Cortina Mk III 15
Comfort: 5 Power: 5 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 1
Back in the days of driving without insurance, an old partner of mine had this car in this colour, complete with vinyl roof. But despite that, it was nippy and considered a fab car at the time.
fordfocus Ford Focus, Titanium 2.0l 18
Comfort: 6 Power: 4 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 4
This car drives almost identically to the Renault Megane and it is very comfortable in the driver's seat. It's also brilliantly affordable. Apart from the obvious familiarity I had with the Megane, the only other reason for not choosing the Focus as my next car was the fact that the keyless entry and ignition wasn't so keyless.
kuga Ford Kuga 2.0l 25
Comfort: 8 Power: 7 Features: 5 Pose Factor: 5
For everything everyone says about Ford, my expectation was very low. I couldn't believe just how good it was. It was fast, comfortable and big. I loved the SUV high up on the road feeling... a VW Touareg without the quality but still a nice drive.
hondacivictypes Honda Civic Type S 20
Comfort: 6 Power: 4 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 3
Well, very disappointing. The drive of the Honda Civic is confusing for me because of the i-shift gearbox.  It has no park and will roll on an incline.  It feels like it wants to stay in high gear for far too long!
hondacivictypes Hyundai Tucson 20
Comfort: 8 Power: 2 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 3
I have had this car for two weeks as a courtesy vehicle whilst mine is in for repair. This car is a lot bigger than it even looks. It's a good all-rounder but I don't like it. I wouldn't buy one but I do like the comfort and the air con is instant and works well. However, since driving it for 8 weeks, I've taken a dislike to the lack of power and no acceleration.
lamborghinigallardo Lamborghini Gallardo 31
Comfort: 3 Power: 10 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 10

This animal is off the scale.  It's by far the fastest thing I have ever been in and I'm not sure I'm not including an aeroplane!  The acceleration is beyond breath-taking!  This was a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to drive a Lamborghini so a speed camera-free stretch of the A3 was an imperative part of the test drive. But I needed more road without a camera to find out just how fast I can manage to drive without completely crapping myself! Hahaha!  And in this car, you don't get to cover enough road without having to slow down because of a camera or some other blurred object, like say another car. Look, it's so fast, I can't find any other words to describe it!
Second time around and it's no different with possibly an exception to the comfort. It's even more uncomfortable than the first time around. But if I have to endure lower back pain for a week after having the chance to drive this around my home town, then so be it! Still Awesome!

lexusis250 Lexus IS250 27
Comfort: 8 Power: 5 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 7

I've driven the IS200 and the LS430 and I have to say, I didn't get the same excitement of power. But it does, however, have the usual extremely high standard expected inside of any Lexus.

lexusls400_1 Lexus LS400 (Older shape) 28
Comfort: 8 Power: 7 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 6

I can't believe the comfort and silence of this car running. The one I've driven is a 1991 4 litre 32V model.  It's clean and powerful and considering its age, has everything working apart from a couple of bulbs.  The most outstanding feature is just how smooth it is.

lexusls400_2 Lexus LS400 (Newer shape) 34
Comfort: 10 Power: 9 Features: 9 Pose Factor: 6

This is Nick's car, the Lexus LS400. It's gorgeous in British racing green with cream leather interior. This model is complete with Sat Nav and drives so beautifully.  It's one of the quietest cars I've ever driven. It's also the best and the most luxurious Lexus I've driven, including the newer ones!

lexusls430 Lexus LS430 35
Comfort: 10 Power: 9 Features: 9 Pose Factor: 7

It's L for Lexus and L for luxury. This car excels itself with sheer luxury and comfort. By far, the most comfortable car and compares along nicely alongside the Mercedes S Class.

lincolnlimo Lincoln limousine 36
Comfort: 10 Power: 9 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 10

This is the 6 seater version of the American Lincoln stretched limousine. It's left hand drive, naturally, and was quite powerful. Very comfortable in all seats. My inexperience of driving cars this length was made worse when I had to go down small streets in Central London and then find a way of reversing out of them again.

mercedessl500 Mercedes SL500 36
Comfort: 8 Power: 10 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 10

To date, my most favourite car to drive.  The acceleration and power behind this car is totally awesome.  I love it and with the roof down, it's a total first class pose factor car.

mercedesslk230 Mercedes SLK 230 29
Comfort: 6 Power: 8 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 8

In black, the SLK just looks the business!  This is one of Nick's cars and it goes.  It's not so impressive to see me driving it but when Nick's behind the wheel of this little beast, it's like a rocket that almost takes flight. Don't get any ideas of racing this from the lights if you're alongside one (unless you're in the SL500, aye Nick?) Hehehe!

slk55amg Mercedes SLK 55 AMG 34
Comfort: 8 Power: 9 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 9

I drove this car around Mercedes World's circuit, tracks and straights. It was incredible. Amazing power and technology. Very comfortable and great fun but the SL500 just beats it for me, for the power and pose.

minicooper Mini Cooper (2008) 24
Comfort: 6 Power: 6 Features: 6 Pose Factor: 6

Test drove this car for a few hours.  Everyone said it handles like no other car... well it does! And the road grip reminds me of the stability of a Lexus and the handling you expect from a BMW. I love it! It really is the most fun car I've driven and it was a high contender for my next car.

minicoopermine Mini Cooper (2011) 28
Comfort: 7 Power: 6 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 7

This was one of my cars and it won in the final heat of next car. It was up against the Qashqai and the New Megane CC. Value for money, I was happy to get the Mini Cooper 1.6 Auto with Chilli pack, electric panoramic sunroof, heated and folding door mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree mobile phone function, upgraded 16" alloy wheels, Xenon headlamps with washer, Climate control, mood lighting and keyless entry and start.

minicoopermine Mini Coupé Cooper S (2013) 34
Comfort: 8 Power: 10 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 9

This car is Jezz's (currently as at July 2017) and the acceleration is incredible. It's faster than my current 2L Countryman and yet has less bhp. But it's got to be all in the weight then. It's one of the most responsive cars I've driven for both steering and acceleration.

minicoopermine Mini Countryman 2.0L SD ALL4 (2014) 31
Comfort: 7 Power: 8 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 8

This was one of my cars and I loved it. I chose the following options for the car: media pack, comfort access, black bonnet stripes, chrome line interior, black headlights, electric glass sunroof, sun protection glass (tinted windows at the back and rear doors), heated front seats and flat load boot floor.

minicountryman2017 Mini Countryman 2.0L S ALL4 (2017) 33
Comfort: 8 Power: 8 Features: 9 Pose Factor: 8

This is the latest car. It's another Mini Countryman. This one is 2.0l like the last one, but is a petrol instead of diesel. The colour is Thunder Grey. It's an ALL4 drive (Mini's 4 wheel drive) and I chose these extras. Chili Pack, Media Pack XL, Head up display, Comfort Access, Sun screen protection, Adaptive LED headlights, heated front seats, white bonnet stripes, Automatic foot operated tailgate, automatic air conditioning, chrome line interior, Reversing assist camera, ALL4 exterior optic pack.

mitsubishievolution5 Mitsubishi Evolution 5 35
Comfort: 7 Power: 10 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 9

This was my mate's Tim's car and he let me have a go of it.  He said it wasn't fast but then told me to put my foot down... he should've chosen a longer stretch of road and maybe I wouldn't have been so scared when suddenly a Renault Scenic's tailgate was nearly a part of Tim's interior. I'm used to that kind of power surrounded by a huge BMW 7 series but in this car... it's a rocket! Very hairy but huge amounts of fun.!

mitsubishisapprano Mitsubishi Sopporo 12
Comfort: 3 Power: 4 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 1

I didn't like this car at all. Mainly because it was too old and scary.

nissanmicra Nissan Juke 23
Comfort: 7 Power: 6 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 3

This is actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It has some acceleration and the features are typical of that of a Nissan but it's hard to stop thinking that it looked like I was driving around in a jelly mold.

nissanmicra Nissan Micra 11
Comfort: 4 Power: 3 Features: 3 Pose Factor: 1

Another car in the era of Pete and I.  A reliable little 1.0litre manual thing.

nissanmicra Nissan Micra (New shape) 13
Comfort: 5 Power: 3 Features: 3 Pose Factor: 2

I had this car as a courtesy car while mine was in for a service. It's comfortable and compact and a lot more solid than the older shape some 15 years before. Most noted was the visability from the front windscreen.

nissanqashqai Nissan Qashqai, Teckna 2.0l 26
Comfort: 8 Power: 5 Features: 9 Pose Factor: 4

I was fortunate enough to drive this fab car for several hours. This was the Teckna model and it's loaded with everything, climate control, 6 speed auto, 4WD, all leather interior with heated front seats. The Range Rover high up feeling is excellent, the drive is smooth and all round comfort, front and back! The electronic sliding roof reveals a special glass roof that stops UV sun rays from coming through.

opelascona Opel Ascona 14
Comfort: 5 Power: 4 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 1

Another car from mine and Pete's history. Most historic feature was the leak from the petrol tank that meant it not only always filled the boot of petrol, but it cost a fiver to go literally anywhere! Hahaha.

peugeot206 Peugeot 206 14
Comfort: 5 Power: 4 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 1

This car was Simon's and was immaculate. A neat, tidy and nippy little car but I have a problem with Peugeots; with the smaller models, they have the same feeling I get when I'm inside of a Fiat: they remind of sitting inside of a tin!

peugeot207cc Peugeot 207cc 28
Comfort: 9 Power: 6 Features: 5 Pose Factor: 8
This was Jezz's car. He traded in his Suzuki Jimny for a hard-top lime green automatic Peugeot 207cc. It's gorgeous with full black leather interior, very comfortable to drive and quite fast too. It definitely suits him!
peugeot307cc Peugeot 307cc 19
Comfort: 5 Power: 5 Features: 5 Pose Factor: 4

Simon had this car for a few days and I drove it up the road and back. It's more comfortable than most Peugeot's and looks quite nice in black and with the roof down.

porscheboxsters Porsche Boxster S 32
Comfort: 6 Power: 9 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 9

I drove this car from Sutton to Chertsey using the A3 and M25 and the roof was down on both journeys.  It belongs to Debbie, a friend. Like the Lamborghini, I needed to know how fast I could go in it but my respect for it being Debbie's car prevented me from going crazy. Let's just say, I took my foot off the accelerator sooner than I wanted too.

renaultclio Renault Clio, Baccara 1.4l 19
Comfort: 7 Power: 4 Features: 5 Pose Factor: 3

My first decent car.  All leather interior, this was my pride and joy, 1.4L.  I adored this car with its power steering (my first owned car with pas) and its leather seats, automatic door mirrors and alloy wheels. If there's a car I miss, it's this one!

renaultclio Renault Clio, 1.6l 19
Comfort: 7 Power: 4 Features: 5 Pose Factor: 3

A lovely car and bought used from Renault... it was reliable for a full 3 years.  Nothing special about this car other than it was affordable to buy and to run.

renaultclio20 Renault Clio, 2.0l 20
Comfort: 7 Power: 5 Features: 5 Pose Factor: 3

Having had the 1.6 Clio before, this 2.0 litre is fabulous.  Very quick!  The smart new design of the Clio made this car a contender (if only for a moment) as my next car.

renaultmegane3drhatch Renault Megane, 3 door sport hatch 20
Comfort: 7 Power: 5 Features: 5 Pose Factor: 3

My first car from new.  My first choice at Renault was to upgrade my last Clio with a new one but I had to get the Megane because it was the smallest and only affordable car that had the keyless ignition card. Also, at the time, the Megane was the only car with an all electric panoramic sunroof, so I chose to pay for the optional extras, 6 auto changer CD player, folding door mirrors and 17" alloy wheels.

renaultmeganecc Renault Megane CC 30
Comfort: 7 Power: 5 Features: 9 Pose Factor: 8

It feels twice as heavy driving than my last car but it's compensated well with a 2.0 engine.  Just a shame that they don't do an automatic turbo version... nonetheless, it became my next car. I know I'm being generous with my pose factor score but I genuinely got a lot of 'look-back' stares from people and about 4 people have approached me and complimented the car.

renaultmodus Renault Modus 14
Comfort: 5 Power: 3 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 2

Well I honestly thought I'd laugh along with everyone else but behind the wheel of this cheeky little car, it's actually quite a comfortable drive. OK, I know now that I'd have been furious had I have chosen to buy one, but I didn't! It's a fun car and gives me the impression the designers were thinking of 'keep it cheap' and so I assume they did!

rollsroycesilverspur Rolls Royce Silver Spur II 28
Comfort: 7 Power: 7 Features: 6 Pose Factor: 8

As a kid, I wanted to be able to say I've driven a Rolls Royce when I'm older. Well that happened with the Silver Spur II but all the expectations from all those years ago weren't exactly met. That aside, I love the idea that I've driven one!

rover2600 Rover 2600 22
Comfort: 6 Power: 6 Features: 8 Pose Factor: 2

Pete bought this car from Stuart in 1998.  At the time, it was huge and powerful and had lots of gadgets for its day.

saab93 Saab 93 27
Comfort: 8 Power: 6 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 6

In 2005 and out test-driving just about everything, I got to have a go in one of these and it was fun. But like the car I chose in the end, it was a bit sluggish and under-powered. But it was more comfortable than the Megane CC and the build quality was noticeable.

suzukijimny Suzuki Jimny 19
Comfort: 7 Power: 5 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 3

Nippy little thing and all inside a 1.3litre. This is me Julie's cars. It's comfortable in so far the windscreen is massive and when you get over feeling like you're in a gold fish bowl, you realise just how fantastic the safety factor is with the panoramic view. Despite its basic interior, it's comfortable both as driver and passenger with enough leg room in the back for two. But the outside is a fun and sporty look.

suzukiswift Suzuki Swift 19
Comfort: 7 Power: 5 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 3

Like the Mini, the Swift is a smart little car and unlike the Mini, it's very roomy and spacious really. But then you see, it's missing everything the Mini has and it's probably that that gives it a spacious feel.

suzukisx4 Suzuki SX4 19
Comfort: 7 Power: 5 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 3

A little bit more room than the Swift, the SX4 has these unusual but interesting quarter lights in the front and rear and I believe the idea is to reduce those awkward blind spots. But, like the Swift, it's comfortable and quite a nippy car. The driving height grabs me most as I feel I'm in a Jimny or even a Vitara. It's nice!

toyotaauris Toyota Auris 17
Comfort: 7 Power: 4 Features: 4 Pose Factor: 2

Test drove this car with Toyota salesman Richard and it was fun, safe but above all else... as the advert suggests, an extremely quiet car. I don't know if Toyota have installed super sophisticated noise reduction technology but you really can't hear much at all of the outside world.  By far, its most impressive feature.  It was, for a while, a contender for next car because the T-Spirit 'top of the range' model had keyless ignition and entry.

toyotaavensis Toyota Avensis 21
Comfort: 7 Power: 5 Features: 6 Pose Factor: 3

It's the comfort, smoothness, dash similarity and grip to the road that makes this car feel like you're driving a baby version of the Lexus IS200. And to confirm it further, the speed is not too dissimilar either. But it's so comfortable I think a 200 mile drive wouldn't be an issue with my weak back!

rav4 Toyota RAV4 22
Comfort: 6 Power: 5 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 4
This car is great, massive and fairly comfortable... but what let it down was the acceleration. This was a hybrid model and I'm sure would've been economical but I think it was that made it feel gutless at the lights when pulling away.
toyotastarlet Toyota Starlet 9
Comfort: 4 Power: 2 Features: 2 Pose Factor: 1

Despite my low scoring for each of the categories, this car is economical and fun to drive. Just don't go racing anyone away from the lights... well unless they're on a bicycle!

toyotayaris Toyota Yaris 12
Comfort: 5 Power: 3 Features: 3 Pose Factor: 1

This is an amazing fun little car that packs quite a punch (in acceleration terms).  Dazzled by the comfort and ease of drive, this was a like posh bumper car with a lot more comfort. Plenty of room all round - a lot better than the Auris.

vauxhallastra Vauxhall Astra 11
Comfort: 4 Power: 3 Features: 3 Pose Factor: 1

This is one of my favourite cars... even at the time of owning it I used to wash it in the snow, that's how much I loved this car. But I don't know why. It must have been to do with being the first car that I bought by myself and I just looked after it.

vauxhallastra Vauxhall Astra Turbo 18
Comfort: 6 Power: 6 Features: 3 Pose Factor: 3

I had this car for two days in 2018 whilst my Countryman (2017) was in for repair. It's quite nippy, good clear view of the road ahead through the windscreen and not an unattractive car. Sadly, there weren't too many features in this model and I quickly needed a more upright seat above the road so they switched it for the Hyundai Tucson.

tigra Vauxhall Tigra 24
Comfort: 6 Power: 6 Features: 5 Pose Factor: 7

I've decided, this is one the best looking cars, partly because it was driven by my handsome boy, Simon. Right, with that out of the way, this car is fun, sexy and great to look at.  It seems to grip the road on corners and at speed. It's responsive and very quick.

vwtouareg Volkswagen Touareg 35
Comfort: 9 Power: 9 Features: 9 Pose Factor: 8

Now the fourth car I've driven belonging to me mate Tim, this is 'king of the road' stuff. It's comfortable, sufficient luxury inside to make you feel more well off than the average 4x4 road user and considering it's a 2.5 diesel - it moves.  And now he's changed it to the V10 5 litre version and the power over the weight is quite unbelievable.

volvoc70 Volvo C70 28
Comfort: 8 Power: 6 Features: 7 Pose Factor: 7

It's a beautiful ride.  It's comfortable and chunky and yet feels refined.  It didn't have the nippy-ness I expected but it was gorgeous and it does have pose factor with head turns!

volvov60d4 Volvo V60 32
Comfort: 10 Power: 8 Features: 10 Pose Factor: 4

This is the top of the range, all-singing-all-dancing Volvo V60 estate. Everything is electric, seats are heated and electrically adjustable including side bolsters. It's the first car I've driven with an air-view camera display for reversing. It's also the first car I've ever used park assist with. Weird feeling but loved it.I think it's one of the most comfortable cars that I've ever driven.