26 February 1951 - 13 November 2011

"If you could buy friendship, I wouldn't have been able to have afford David's."

My Father figure that simply took over from where my own Daddy left off.

David was the strength when I felt weak; he made my sad moments glad, he gave me sound advice and mentored me through moments of uncertainty, he educated me better than any geography teacher had done and best of all, we both spent his last couple of years moaning the world to rights like the two perfect grumpy old men that we both were.
Nobody else but you David will understand not only how much I will miss you but what I will miss about you!
See you again one day!
Bye for now,

Wayne (one of your boys)

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Without Daddy David I'm Taking The Day Out with My Daddy David
DD and me - Aboard the Enterprise Just DD and me
DD and me set our selves up on the sofa and rehearsed the acting that is performed aboard the Enterprise on the old series of Star Trek when the starship was hit by a missile or torpedo from another ship, the actors moved in one direction and the camera moved in the opposing direction... needless to say, they had it down to a fine art but I still love DD and my efforts. And here's another quick video excerpt recorded from a mobile.


ddatlegends jezzwayneddtorquaybay 3ofusatbeechyhead
The day Jezz & Wayne met DD for the first time ever,
8 Apr 2005
Jezz, Wayne & DD at Torquay Bay,
10 September 2009
DD, Wayne & Jezz at Beechy Head,
20 August 2009
3ofusinbedatdds torquaymarinarestaurant outsidemarinarestaurantorquay
DD, Jezz & Wayne in bed at DD's for the New Year, 2 Jan 2010 DD, Wayne & Jezz at Torquay's Marina restaurant, 10 Sep 2009 DD, Wayne & Jezz, outside the Marina restaurant, Torquay, 10 Sep 2009
allatpaignton allatthemint allatpride05
Jezz, DD, Gavin, Jamie & Wayne in Paignton,
11 Sep 2009
DD, Tim, Jezz & Wayne at The Mint, Banstead, 4 Mar 2009 DD, John, Jezz & Pete at Brighton Pride,
6 Aug 2005
barryanddd caferouge05 ddinapub
Barry and DD.
1 Dec 2006
Wayne, DD, Jezz & Pete at Café Rouge, Brighton Marina, 11 Apr 2005 DD at Tattenham Corner,
13 July 2007
montageofdd ddathome ddcdcover
DD - Through the years
created by Jezz
DD at home,
5 Aug 2005
A CD cover for DD,
created by Jezz
ddsorenlasse ddinthewoods ddbrightonbeach
DD, Soren & Lasse in Denmark
2 Aug 2007
DD, in touch with nature
4 Oct 2008
DD, on Brighton beach
19 Jun 2005
ddshirleyheights ddinhallway ddwithstanleyathis60th
DD at Shirley Heights view point,
20 Feb 2008
DD in the hallway by the lift,
26 Feb 2009
DD at his 60th with Stanley,
26 Feb 2011
stanleyanddd ddatcarats ddathome
Stanley & DD at his 60th,
26 Feb 2011
DD at Carats café, Hove,
11 Jun 2006
DD on the sofa, at home,
12 Aug 2008
ddatbrighton marina dddickiebow ddattheamsterdam
DD down at Brighton Marina,
11 Apr 2005
DD on Skype in dickie bow and jacket
5 Jan 2011
DD in Amsterdam, Brighton,
19 Jun 2005
ddincafeatlewes ddwithchurchillstatue ddindenmark
DD in a tea room in Lewes,
13 Aug 2008
DD with the statue of Churchill in Westerham, 20 Feb 2008 DD at a docks in Denmark,
5 Aug 2007
ddinditchling ddjezzdevilsdyke ddentertainingathome
DD under a sign in Ditchling Beacon,
12 Aug 2008
DD & Jezz at Devil's Dyke, Brighton,
10 Apr 2005
DD & Jezz, entertaining at home,
11 Apr 2005
ddjezzoutsidekeywest ddjezzbrightonmarina ddjezzpeteontheboat
DD & Jezz outside the hotel, Key West, Torquay,
10 Sep 2009
DD & Jezz at Brighton Marina,
11 Apr 2005
Pete, Jezz & DD on the harbour cruise boat, Brighton, 11 Apr 2005
3inabed ddjohnpride05 ddinthekitchen
DD, Jezz & Wayne in bed,
1 Jan 2010
DD & John at Brighton Pride 2005,
6 Aug 2005
DD in the kitchen,
5 Aug 2005
ddinlewes ddinsepia ddstephenpride05
DD in a café in Lewes,
12 Aug 2008
DD in sepia,
5 Aug 2005
DD & Stephen at Brighton Pride 2005,
7 Aug 2005
ddtimatthemint ddtorquaybay ddwaynetattenham
DD & Tim at The Mint, Banstead,
4 Aug 2008
DD at Torquay Bay,
10 Sep 2009
DD & Wayne at Tattenham Corner,
13 Jul 2007
ddwayneshirleyheights ddwayne60th ddwaynes42nd
DD & Wayne at Shirley Heights view point,
20 Feb 2008
DD & Wayne at DD's 60th birthday,
26 Feb 2011
DD at Wayne's 42nd birthday, Holiday Inn Sutton, 19 Apr 2009
ddwaynebeechyhead ddwaynecaferouge1 ddwaynecaferouge2
DD & Wayne at Beechy Head,
19 Jan 2009
DD & Wayne at Café Rouge, Brighton,
30 Jul 2008
Another photo of DD & Wayne at Café Rouge, Brighton, 30 Jul 2008
ddwayneseatedinikea ddwayneneyearseve1 ddwaynenewyear
DD & Wayne at Ikea, Croydon,
30 Jun 2009
DD & Wayne seeing in the New Year,
2 Jan 2010
DD & Wayne seeing in the New Year,
2 Jan 2010
jezzddwaynelegends jezzs38th jezzddlegends
Jezz, DD & Wayne at Legends Bar, Brighton,
7 Aug 2005
DD with all of us at Jezz's 38th,
6 Nov 2009
Jezz & DD at Legends Bar, Brighton,
8 Apr 2005
jezzddbeechyheadincar jezzddchurch jezzddharbourcruisetorquay
Jezz & DD in the car at Beechy Head,
20 Aug 2009
Jezz & DD in a church, Shoreham,
13 Aug 2008
Jezz & DD on the harbour cruise boat in Torquay, 12 Sep 2009
jezzddtorquayhotelroom jezzddpaigntondartmouth allatpride05
Jezz & DD in the hotel room at Key West, Torquay,
11 Sep 2009
DD & Jezz on the Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway, 12 Sep 2009 John, DDD & Stephen at Brighton Pride 2005
johnddpride2005 jezzwayneddpaigntondartmouthrailway jezzwayneddwilmington
John & DD, Brighton Pride 2005,
7 Aug 2005
Jezz, Wayne & DD on the Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway, 12 Sep 2009 Jezz, Wayne & DD near to the Long Man Of Wilmington, 20 Jan 2009
markdd ddwaynes40th nikkiddparkplace
Mark & DD,
9 May 2008
DD at Wayne's 40th, Mitcham,
21 Apr 2007
Nikki & DD at Jezz's 37th,
6 Nov 2008
allatbrightonmarina petejezzddpride05 simonddwaynereflexnye09
Pete, DD, Jezz & John at Brighton Marina,
7 Aug 2005
Pete, Jezz & DD at Brighton Pride 2005,
6 Aug 2005
Simon, DD & Wayne at The Reflex nightclub, Kingston,
stephenddwaynes40th ddtorcrosstank wayneddjezzkeywestbar
Stephen & DD at Wayne's 40th, Mitcham,
21 Apr 2007
DD next to a tank at Torcross beach, Torquay, 11 Sep 2009 Wayne, DD & Jezz at the bar of the Key West hotel, Torquay, 10 Sep 2009
dd60th ddtarantula ddnewflyscreen
DD at his 60th,
26 Feb 2011
DD with a tarantula,
13 July 2006
DD with his new fly screen,
23 Aug 2011