This page identifies just what I love about some of my friends and loved ones.
Each category is not in any particular order so there are no number one's, I'm afraid.

Most fanciable friend Why?
Brenden He has a perfect body, recent tattoos are sexy and he has a beautiful mild and polite manner. No. 1 sex appeal
Mark (Melanie's) Handsome face, boyish charm that seems innocent (even though he isn't) and is sexy
Tim Handsome, mild mannered and - totally straight and yet totally gay friendly
Melanie Just everything I love about women... feisty, gutsy, strong, attractive and I bet she's a good snog too
Simon The best mannered person on the planet. Lovable, adorable, fanciable and is one of the best people I know to have a long cuddle with

The one who laughs with me the most Why?
Kelly I love making Kelly laugh and when she does, it feels from deep within. Her laughter is also most addictive but better than that... she gets every single snippet of humour that I attempt
Maggie Maggie's laugh was the most addictive and outrageous. She had me laughing at just her laugh alone. The most fun woman... that's the biggest loss
David There are moments that had both of us helpless with laughter, sometimes things he'd say and sometimes something that I may have said. Most of our telephone conversations exceeded an hour because we'd spend too long laughing. We were also tuned in to the very same wave length of hilarity... hahaha
Sarah B Sarah and I working together was a lethal cocktail of uncertainty for every one else but for us... well, I'd pay to do it again for just a day. Another one of my friends who is instantly tuned in to my sense of humour
Kate The laugh... just the best laugh in the world
Vicki Always wanting to laugh, Vicki is capable of finding me funny, anywhere and at any time and like Kelly, she just gets it... any time I'm trying to be funny
Tony A pure genius of everything funny, spiteful and camp. I used to make him laugh a lot more in the earlier days... he'd say that it's only because I'm not as funny but really, it's because he was a vile bitch! HAHAHA!
Nikki My sister and friend. Nik can find something funny to say about any given situation and very often, she does. Every car journey, every friendly gathering is a lot funnier with Nik around
Debbie We have so much history together that was a' laugh a minute,' that we could spend the same amount of time recalling it all and laughing all over again
Simon Like Kelly, Simon just gets me... completely
CB Makes me laugh everyday

Funniest Why?
Tony Just pure genius and along with Pete, is in a league of unique achievement - made me laugh so badly that I did physically urinate unexpectedly. Tony had also mastered a superb art of delivery... but then, she was 104 so was around long enough to have mastered it!
Pete More so in our earlier days, but Pete is incredibly funny. Everything we did that got us huge laughs were all Pete's inventions
David Clever, clever wit... spontaneously too. Our knowledge of lines from Fawlty Towers, Dad's Army, Are You Being Served and Hi-De-Hi kept us going for decades
Simon It's all about the laugh with my Simon... and how long he can find something funny for... it's magic and he makes me smile just thinking about him laughing

Best person to work alongside Why?
Nikki My sister. She knew how to have fun and combine it with a whiff of professionalism that no one noticed when we were having such a good time
Barbara When I worked with Barbara, she was always willing to have a laugh without it ever offending anyone. She was also incredibly funny and has a very infectious laugh
Maria Maria and I worked together at the SCILL soup kitchen! Lol. Everything about those times volunteering with Maria makes me smile... some of the outrageous things we got up to make me still laugh out loud now
Liz I just adored working with Liz and I've documented before that she was key to the longevity of my job where we worked together. She was outrageously camp and very funny
Pete Some of my funniest times ever in the workplace was with Pete. Whether it was in Madame Jo Jo's or in a minicab office, Pete's amazingly clever and intelligent wit kept us all going for the entire shift

Best person to duet with at karaoke Why?
David I just loved singing with David... it brought the best out in me... hahaha.. no, it was his ability to harmonise with the raucous that I was screeching out
Emma Emma was able to add entertainment factor to any song I duetted with her... one of my favourites was Reunited by Peaches & Herb
Vicki You To Me Are Everything by The Real Thing was the song that I remember most as a real duet at karaoke but others include More Than Words by Extreme and Always And Forever by Heatwave... no mics or stage... just us two, in her car, screaming! Lol!
Noel What I loved about Noel was that if he knew the song at all, he'd get up and have a go and was usually fabulous... and then, when he'd had one too many, he'd get up and have a go even if he didn't know it! Hahaha!

The campest ever Why?
Liz Now Liz is not supposed to be 'gay camp' because she wasn't gay at all... so quite why she has title of the campest woman ever... is anyone's guess. No, really... camp-er than Su Pollard by miles
Tony Well, you wouldn't necessarily know that Tony was camp - not all the time he was stood still, not talking but if he took the dog for a walk (that was him in tight jeans and the miniature pincer on a pink lead and both of them wearing matching pink bows)... then all becomes quite clear why he should be featured in this section. Lol

Smartest (in dress) Why?
Melanie Always upstaging me if we're ever out together and has the prowess to pull it off totally
Miranda Just so stunning in looks alone but she is so fashionable... stunning
Tim Tim is gorgeous and then tops it up with his clothes... wherever he is, he always looks smart and gorgeous
Simon Always immaculate, everything ironed and his good looks and beauitful nature completes him perfectly.
Michèle My sister is supremely smart. One of the few people I know that commands respect by her smart appearance alone

Most intelligent Why?
Pete I think Pete teaches me a new word each time I talk to him... hahaha! But more than that, with his Father, Pete has taught me so much over the decades. He continues to be smart and is always ahead of any conversation. He's also articulate and entertaining to listen to
David Lee will always be my favourite telephone buddy... I loved and cherished my phone calls with him because he had such an entertaining way of teaching me stuff that I wouldn't retain if said by anyone else (with a possible exception of James May or Tony Robinson from off the telly) but it's also information that I was unlikely to use or even need and yet I still loved learning it
CB This man in my life has helped me to develop any skills when handling challenging situations with more diplomacy, tact and intelligence. He spends a lot of his time helping and guiding me, also with emails, letter writing as well as how to behave

Most inspiring Why?
Nigel What Nigel has achieved in his life, how popular he is with everyone, including on Facebook and just how wonderful he is to know and the fun I've had just listening to him... I wouldn't complain if we switched personalities for a day but I'm sure I'd be exhausted
Mike K One of the most hardest working guys I know and he's done it all by himself. He's also incredibly self-less and a good friend to know and have around
Mike O Single-handily Mike has made a wonderful and enviable lifestyle. I hold him in high esteem because his achievements are normally associated with a more brutal personality but Mike is humble, sweet and loveable
Barbara Another friend who manages it alone... can do it all by herself but Barbara's stamina is outstanding too. She has an energy that pours out and it's amazing to watch and be in the company of

Most talented Why?
Michael (MC) Carpentry - MC is an absolute genius with anything to do with wood. He has such an amazing way with visualising and is the best creator that I know
David Knowledge - normally useless but totally fascinating knowledge that I would never tire of
Wendy Letter writing - Wendy is a good letter writer and can light up any work that I've done by a quick read through and total re-write
Sarah W Proof-reading - Willsy was the best person I knew, that can spot the minutest of grammatical error
Nick W Driving - excellent and most competent driver that I've ever known
Noel Dancing - has such a natural rhythm and ability to move with music that you would have thought he'd have been professionally trained
Dave B Snogging - just very passionate at kissing and obviously, memorable
Vicki Memory - remembering the tiniest of detail and recalling it, verbatim, is both powerful and annoying
Jezz Organising - can fit everything in to no space at all and know where it is months later

I can count on if I needed to  
Jezz The most reliable, flawless person in my world. I can rely on Jezz for everything... he understands me more than anyone else has ever done, ever! Jezz may wear the trousers in our relationship with many decisions but he never says 'no' to me.
Nick W Despite many of Nick's quirky traits, no one can dispute just how there he is for anyone that really needs him. I feel very comfortable and reassured knowing that if I phoned him and said I need you right now... he'd get in his car and come to me... whatever time of the day. Nick is so reliable like that that he probably wouldn't even ask why before getting dressed and making his way to his car. Excellent feeling, that is

I feel spiritually connected to Why?
Simon Simon behaves in a way that can only be described as spooky or eerie maybe. He phones me at times when just his voice will stop my depressive mood in its tracks. He's like a huge fix of reassurance and I've documented this before, he is the Valium in my life. Sometimes, we think exactly the same thoughts, at the same time but more than is considered coincidental
David David and I could be on the phone, without speaking and identical thoughts would just happen, unexpectedly but never in a frightening way
David W When my DD was alive, we'd spend a lot of time together talking and reflecting on life and all of the problems that go with it but there was an unspoken feeling on top of that. I feel that we knew what each other were thinking... it wasn't perfect because if it was, I'd have known more about just poorly he was... then again... he was good at not letting-on too
Kelly It's gotta be just a paternal thing with Kels and me but I feel her pain, I feel her upset and frustration in a way that I can't with anyone else... Lee is close but Kelly can transmit her deepest inner self like a WiFi device and I've got it, in seconds and more than that... I feel it as though I were her. Weird but I wouldn't trade it for a million bucks

Hardest working Why?
Nikki Flat out, one of the hardest working people I know... not just with her full time day work but how energetic she is afterwards for her entire family
Wendy Working herself to an early grave... she never stops. Day and night. How her family put up with it is anyone's guess
Kelly How my gorgeous daughter crams in being sociable with her job, the grand children and the man in her life... it's a wonder I get to see her at all. And when I do, she is fresh and wonderful and behaves like she doesn't have a care in the world. Incredible lady
Barbara Full day time job, part time evening work, full time Grandmother and friend. Amazing. Seriously, not bad for a pensioner... I'm so impressed with how she manages to keep it altogether


What am I good at? Well... Why?
Public speaking It started at my sister Nikki's wedding reception in 2006, (I wasn't that good at it) but since then; Ron, Dad, Maggie, Donald, David, Aunty Gwen's, Sarah Williams and David Jack's funerals I have spoken at and feel that I have improved considerably
Singing I have often been complimented by others for my singing... at the karaoke bars that I have sung at and from forced audiences that have endured my songs on CD and in FaceTime calls
Driving I would consider myself very proficient at driving. Professionally, I have been a courier and handled the stress and pressures that go with driving and parking in and around Central and South London. I've also been a chauffeur in American stretched limousines (6 and 8 seater) and luxury classed cars like the Mercedes S Class, the Bentley Arnage and the BMW 760i). Driving my own cars and using motorways feels extremely second nature and I often use the line: "I'm sure that I could do it with my eyes shut." - I'm joking by the way!
Counselling On the odd occasion that my friends and family members come to me to sound off about problems that they are having at the time, I am complimented that they feel better after. My daughter has often said that I am understanding and non-judgemental. My sisters have both remarked that I am good listener and I'm flattered that I have earned the title, particularly as I never shut up long enough normally
DJ'ing It's probably considered an 'old school' style of radio presenting now but I have done a lot of it in my time... as a child from the age of 13 in hospital radio and again in the late eighties, for pirate radio
Letter writing Articulate and a good knowledge of the English language and dictionary (though no expert), I have always been confident when compiling letters for both business and personal purposes. friends and family have often utilised what letter-writing skills I have from job applications and CV designing to letters of complaint
Computer teaching I think that my style of 'hands on' computer teaching is the best method for anyone showing someone else. Standing behind the person and telling them what to do is key for them to absorb exactly how to perform a task and means that they are less likely to forget what they have learned. Quick re-capping is also a fun and positive thing to do afterwards, too
Musical knowledge (chart songs from 1960's through to 1990's) I seem to have remembered a lot of the information that I learned about chart music, positions, band names and titles of songs back in 1977 through to 1980 (in particular 1979). I did the chart show at hospital radio but also collected the Top 40 whilst at school on a Tuesday afternoon, listening to Paul Burnett on Radio 1 in the park on a transistor radio, at lunch times