On Thursday 2nd February 2012, a group of us joined Anthony to celebrate his 16th birthday at a Harvester restaurant at The Plough, Sutton. Michele, Anthony, Zoe, Alfie, Freddie, Spencer, Stacey, Kelly, Ethan, Jake and Jezz were there to join in the fun. Jezz and I bought Anthony a Pandora bracelet with an 'A' charm.
Here are some photos taken on the night.

alfielook ant endoftable ethanlight freddiethelook
Alfie - the look Anthony at 16 At the end of the table Ethan with his light ball Freddie - the look 1
freddiethelook2 hatsup jake1 jake2 jezz
Freddie - the look, again Jezz - hats off to you Jake - awe Jake - do the face again Jezz - chin(s) up
  kelswithdessert jakesocute kelseatingdessert  
  Kelly with pudding Jake - just so cute Kelly - eating dessert  
    All of us - can you believe it?