65 famous celebrity deaths, 15 events, 21 movies watched, 26 meals out, 11 purchases

JANUARY 1 event, 9 famous people died, 4 movies watched, 1 meal out
1 kellychris Kelly and Chris came round for a few hours in the evening
I needed Kelly to come round and collect the pearl earrings that I had bought for her as a belated birthday present.
5 robertstigwood Robert Stigwood died, aged 81
Robert Stigwood was the prodcuer of The Bee Gees and the 70's pop group Cream. He also produced Saturday Night Fever and Grease and was responsible for the management of stageshow plays Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar. He also created the record label RSO Records, Robert Stigwood Organisation that many famous artists were on including The Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, Eric Clapton and Yvonne Elliman.
9 edstewart Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart died, aged 74
I grew up with Ed Stewart being one of the Radio 1 DJ's along with Tony Blackburn, Noel Edmonds, Dave Lee Travis, Paul Burnett and Adrian Juste. He was also the host of the long-running 70's BBCTV's children's programme: 'Crackerjack.'
10 davidbowie David Bowie died, aged 69
Another legend of music that I grew up with, listening to his music. My favourite hit of his was Sound And Vision and other hits included Space Oddity, his first UK hit single from 1969. He also had hits with Life On Mars, Fame, Ashes to Ashes, Starman and made no. 1 with Mick Jagger in the 'Dancing In The Street' and 'Under Pressure' with Queen.
14 alanrickman Alan Rickman died, aged 69
My only knowledge and love for Alan Rickman was his superb acting role as the villiain in 'Die Hard.'
15 danhaggerty Dan Haggerty died, aged 74
Dan Haggerty was the star of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, a superb American series from the 1970's. He played Grizzly Adams a mountain man who developed a relationship with a grizzly bear.
16 spectre Movie: Spectre ✭✭✭✭
Another good Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. Watched at home with Jezz.
17 gotg Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy ✭✭✭✭
A great movie starring Chris Pratt. Watched at home with Jezz.
18 glennfrey Glenn Frey died, aged 68
Glenn Frey was the founder member of the Eagles.
23 diana Movie: Diana ✭✭✭✭✭
An amazing film starring Naomi Watts as Princess of Wales, Diana. Watched at home on my own, recorded.
  jimmybain Jimmy Bain died, aged 69
Jimmy Bain was the bass guitarist from the 70's band, Rainbow.
24 suffragette Movie: Suffragette ✭✭✭✭✭
Superb movie. Watched at home with Jezz.
25 cecilparkinson Cecil Parkinson died, aged 84
Cecil Parkinson, Baron Parkinson, PC, was a British Conservative politician and cabinet minister. A chartered accountant by training, he entered Parliament in 1970 and was appointed a minister in Margaret Thatcher’s first government in 1979
26 colinvearncombe Colin Vearncombe died, aged 53
Colin Vearncome was known as 'Black' and in 1987 had his most successful single: 'Wonderful Life." My favourite track is also on the album Wonderful Life and is called "Sweetest Smile."
30 jezzwayne Meal and party evening out: Waitrose at Epsom Downs
Went with Jezz to The Duchess Stand, Epsom Downs for Waitrose Christmas 2015 Party. We had a three-course meal, starters: butternutsquash and coriander soup, main course: chicken with garlic and herb, potatoes and dessert was a chocolate fondant with ice cream.
  frankfinlay Frank Finlay died, aged 89
Frank Finlay was best known for his role in TV's Bouquet OF Barbed Wire.
31 terrywogan Terry Wogan died, aged 77
Another national treasure and famous person from my youth... I bought Terry Wogan's UK hit single 'The Floral Dance.' I watched his chat show, followed his commentary over the years with the Eurovision Song Contest, his Radio 2 show and even watching Stoppit and TidyUp.
FEBRUARY 4 famous people died, 2 purchases, 2 movies watched, 2 events, 1 meal out
3 joealaskey Joe Alaskey died, aged 63
Joe's voice was used for Looney Tunes characters Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and Sylvester the Cat. In 1988, he was the voice behind Yosemite Sam and Foghorn Leghorn in the movie: 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'
4 mauricewhite Maurice White died, aged 74
Maurice White was the lead singer of the 70's disco band, Earth, Wind & Fire. Hits include September, Fantasy, Got To Get You Into My Life, Star and Boogie Wonderland with The Emotions.
  minions Movie: Minions ✭✭✭
It was a good movie with some funny moments. Watched at home with Jezz.
10 browncurtains Bought new brown curtains
Originally went to IKEA and bought curtains yesterday (09.02.16) but they were not wide enough. Got refund and bought these from B&Q for £54. They are the perfect length and don't need hemming.
15 nikshand Took Nik to Epsom Hospital for plaster cast removal
Spent the morning with me sister, taking her to Epsom General Hospital to have her cast removed. We then went in to Epsom town and then on to the cafe for a late breakfast.
  silverspoonbubble Meal: Silver Spoon Diner, Tattenham Corner
Went for a late breakfast with me sister, Nikki and had a bubble breakfast.
  dysonv6 Bought Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
I'd been thinking about one of these cordless vacuum cleaners and after seeing a review of them on television, honed in on one of the better ones.
19 motherand5 Family gathering
Michele, Nik and I drove to Sara's and spent the evening with food and company. We met her husband Richard and her son Carl for the first time. Jodie, Amanda, Jamie, Jordan, Mum and David were there. We had Chilli and rice with garlic bread and pavlova and we played funny games.
26 insideout Movie: Inside Out ✭✭✭✭✭
Superb excellent Pixar movie. So loved this film. Watched at home with Jezz on HD.
28 georgekennedy George Kennedy died, aged 91
Actor George Kennedy starred in the The Naked Gun movies, co-starred with Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, was Carter McKay in the series Dallas as well many more roles in both film and TV.
  frankkelly Frank Kelly died, aged 77
Frank Kelly was best known for his role as Father Jack Hackett in Channel 4's sit-com Father Ted.
MARCH 1 purchase, 2 events, 4 meals out, 9 famous people died, 1 movie watched
2 tonywarren Tony Warren died, aged 79
Creator and writer of the world's most famous and arguably the best TV soap opera of all time, Coronation Street died.
6 nancyreagan Nancy Reagan died, aged 94
Former first lady, wife of ex-President of the United States of America Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan died.
7 smartcarandjezz Jezz got his car MOT'd
We set off early and arrived at Jay's garage, Oakhill Garage, Sutton by 7.45am. It was ready in less than an hour.
  silverspoonbreakfast Meal: Silver Spoon Diner, Tattenham Corner
Jezz and I went went for a big breakfast at the Silver Spoon and it is still my favourite cafe.
8 cau Meal: Cau, Kingston
Jezz and I went to Kingston and had lunch by the river in Cau.
  georgemartin George Martin died, aged 90
Beatles producer, often referred to as 'the fifth Beatle' George Martin dies.
9 thebell Meal: The Bell, Reigate
Jezz and I went for a short day's shopping and stopped off at The Bell, Reigate.
10 keithemerson Keith Emerson died, aged 71
Keith Emerson was one of the three from the 70's rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
15 sizzlenshake Meal: Sizzle n Shake, Wallington
I went to meet Nik and Stacey and Teddy for lunch and for Nik's birthday. It was my first time to the newly opened American diner in Wallington.
  sylviaanderson Sylvia Anderson died, aged 88
Sylvia was the co-creator of the original Thunderbirds puppet TV series. She was also married to Gerry Anderson and was the voice of Lady Penelope from the show.
16 cliffmichelmore Cliff Michelmore died, aged 96
Cliff was a TV presenter of the BBCTV programme 'Tonight' between 1957 to 1965. He also co-presented the 'Holiday' programme from 1969 to 1996.
  franksinatrajr Frank Sinatra Jr. died, aged 72
The son of singer and actor Frank Sinatra, Frank Jr. died.
17 pauldaniels Paul Daniels died, aged 77
Magician, TV performer and presenter and iconic TV legend that I grew up watching over the decades. His own magic show and TV game show Odd One Out to name two.
23 kellyangel 6th Tattoo done
I went to see Lisa at Studio 149 to have my 6th tattoo. This time it was Kelly's name inside of angel wings and a glowing halo above. It's on the inside lower right arm and it cost £50.
27 whatwedointheshadows Movie: What We Do In The Shadows ✭✭✭✭
Funny vampire movie with warewolves and human interaction.
31 ronniecorbett Ronnie Corbett died, aged 85
Shocking news of Ronnie Corbett, last remaining 'two ronnies' entertainer and another childhood comedy hero passes away.
APRIL 2 purchases made, 4 meals out, 8 famous people died, 4 movies watched
1 deniserobertson Denise Robertson died, aged 83
TV agony aunt Denise Robertson died.
2 hoteltransylvania2 Movie: Hotel Transylvania 2 ✭✭✭✭
Watched at home with Jezz from hard drive.
6 tomorrowland Movie: Tomorrowland ✭✭
OK'ish movie watched at home with Jezz on hard drive.
12 davidgest David Gest died, aged 62
David became more well known for marrying Liza Minelli and for being a close friend to Michael Jackson. He also appeared on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother show on Channel 4.

Meal: The Moon on the Hill, Sutton
Went to the Weatherspoon pub in Sutton. It's Steak Club night there on a Tuesday. Michèle, Dean, Nikki, Paul, Stacey, Ella, Teddy, Zoe, Alfie, Lennie and Lila were all there.

13 spy Movie: Spy ✭✭✭✭✭
Excellent movie starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham and Miranda Hart.
18 chinesetakeaway Chinese take away at Nikki's
Jezz and I went for an evening meal at Nikki's. We collected a Chinese from their local restaurant. It was to celebrate my birthday.
20 familyvine 7th Tattoo - Family Vine
Went to Lisa's at Studio 149 for my 7th tattoo, the family vine. It has the initials N for Nik, M for Michele, K for Kelly, E and J for Ethan and Jake and JW for Jezz and me.
  victoriawood Victoria Wood, died aged 62
My ultimate comic hero and legend, Victoria Wood has died after a short battle with cancer that she kept from the public.
  guyhamilton Guy Hamilton died, aged 93
Guy Hamilton was a film director from the 1950's through to 1980's. He was best known for being the director of four Bond movies; Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, The Man With The Golden Gun and Live And Let Die.
21 prince Prince died, aged 57
Singer, song writer, performer and 7 times Grammy winner, Prince died, in his estate in Minnesota.
24 billypaul Billy Paul died, aged 81
American singer Billy Paul has died. He was best known for his massive hit single: "Me And Mrs Jones."
26 Bought Pure Evoke C-D6 DAB radio with CD and Bluetooth
Treated myself to a new bedside DAB radio from Pure Evoke. Paid for with birthday gift vouchers for John Lewis and their partnership discount.
28 barryhoward Barry Howard died, aged 78
Barry Howard, who was best known for playing Barry Stuart-Hargreaves in BBC holiday camp sitcom Hi-de-Hi!, has died aged 78.
  markfarmer Mark Farmer died, aged 53
Mark Farmer played Gary Hargreaves in Grange Hill between 1979-1981 and was ℅-star with George Cole in Minder as Justin James. He also was the lead role in the BBC drama series Johnny Jarvis.
  subway Meal: Subway
Went out with Jezz and we stopped off at Valley Park, Croydon for 2 foot long Subway's and then shared them. Jezz ordered a beef melt and I had tried their new pulled chicken.
29 spagbol Meal: Nikki's for the evening
Went to Nik's with Jezz. Michele, Mum and Sara were there too. We had home made spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread, cheese cake and lemon tart and sweets and treats. We also played games together on the iPad Pro.
30 ted2 Movie: Ted 2 ✭✭✭✭✭
Another brilliant Ted movie. Better than the first one, I thought. Watched at home on hard drive with Jezz.
MAY 2 meals out, 3 famous people died, 2 movies watched, 1 purchase
2 akash Meal: Akash, Wallington
Went for an Indian meal out with Vicki. Vick had Chicken Biriyani and I had the Peshwari Chicken with Mushroom Fried Rice.
6 reggrundy Reg Grundy AC OBE died, aged 92
Reg Grundy was the name you'd see at the end of a lot of Australian soaps. Creator of Prisoner Cell Block H and Neighbours to name but two.
14 sisters Movie: Sisters ✭✭✭✭✭
OMG - the most funniest movie EVER.
20 sisters Movie: Sisters ✭✭✭✭✭
Watched for the second time when Kelly came over for the evening and we had homemade pasta bolognese.
22 applesuperdrive Bought Apple SuperDrive
Treated myself to an external superdrive from Apple. Now I can burn music to CD's from the Mac Mini.
24 harvester Meal: The Crooked Billet, Harvester, Bromley
Went to a Harvester with Gary at lunchtime. Had a bacon and cheeseburger with fries. Gary had the original combo.
  burtkwouk Burt Kwouk died, aged 85
Burt Kwouk, who was best known for playing Inspector Clouseau's manservant Cato in the Pink Panther films, has died aged 85.

28 tammy Movie: Tammy ✭✭✭✭
Great movie starring Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates. Watched at home with Jezz on hard drive.
31 caralalane Carla Lane died, aged 87
Television writer Carla Lane, who created shows including 1980's Liverpool sitcom Bread, has died. She was also the writer of The Liverbirds and Butterflies.
JUNE 1 famous person died, 4 meals out, 1 purchase
2 ramblersrest Meal: The Rambler's Rest, Coulsdon
Went for a lunch time meal out with Jezz. First time there together.
3 muhammedali Muhammed Ali died, aged 74
Three-time world heavyweight boxing champion, who became one of the world's best-known sportsmen, dies aged 74 after suffering from respiratory illness.
16 cau Meal: Cau, Wimbledon
Went for lunch with Jezz on the way back from Roehampton. It was the Wimbledon Village branch of Cau. Just as nice as the Kingston restaurant. Jezz had the Beunos Aires burger and fries and I had the Steak Madallions. For dessert, Jezz had the Churros (Argentinian doughnuts) and I had the Pina-Cau-Lada Pudding (warmed pineapple slices with rum caramel served with coconut and lime sorbet.
17 michele Meal: Michele's for family gathering
I went early as Jezz was still at work. Met up with Mum, Amanda and Sara and then Nik. We had roasted chicken breast, stuffed garlic and herb cheese and wrapped in Parma ham. Amanda provided a strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake for pudding with chocolate coated strawberries and strawberries and cream. Jezz turned up after work.
25 strimmer Bought Qualcast Trimmer
We bought a strimmer for the garden. It was only £22.49 in Argos but it's fab.
30 wellhouseinn Meal: Well House Inn, Mugswell
Jezz and I went for lunch at one of our favourite pub restaurants. It's been taken over and had a major re-fit since our last visit. The food, service and decor were all superb.
JULY 2 meals out, 2 events, 3 famous people died, 3 movies watched
2 carolineaherne Caroline Aherne died, aged 52
The wonderful Caroline Aherne was best known for her writing and starring in The Royale Family but I'll also remember her for her fabulous character Mrs. Merton.
  changeup Movie: Change Up ✭✭✭✭✭
Excellent movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. Watched on my own through Amazon Prime.
13 birhgtondayout2016 Brighton Day Out including Go-Karting
Went to Brighton for the day with Jezz and Harrison. We all had full English breakfasts at Carats cafe in Shoreham then drove to St. James Street and a drink in The Bulldog. Browse thrugh the shops in the town centre and The Lanes. Set off to Lancing for a session of indoor Go-Karting. Drove back to Brighton Marina and had a meal in the American diner restaurant Coast To Coast.
14 driveway Driveway extended
Neil extended our driveway with a concrete strip where Jezz parks. It's no longer a couple of mounds of earth and shingles and has been replaced with a solid cemented concrete strip with edging slabs.
24 marninixon Marni Nixon died, aged 86
Marni Nixon, was an American and playback singer for movie musicals. She was best known for dubbing the singing voices of the leading actresses in films, including The King And I, West Side Story and My Fair Lady.
28 londonhasfallen Movie: London Has Fallen ✭✭
A very disappointing film. Watched at home with Jezz on hard drive.
  intothewoods Movie: Into The Woods ✭✭✭✭
Great star-studdied movie with Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp. Watched at home with Jezz on hard drive.
29 viveangray Vivean Gray died, aged 92
Vivean Gray, best known for playing the gossipy Mrs Mangel in Australian soap opera Neighbours, has died aged 92. She also appeared in The Sullivan's and Prisoner Cell Block H.
AUGUST 1 purchase, 1 event, 2 movies watched, 3 famous people died
8 kellychrisethanjake Kelly and the boys moved away. They're living in a fabulous 3-bedroom house now with Chris. Kelly said that Chris has said: "You don't know how happy it's made me feel living with you. I feel content in my soul." How beautiful is that?
12 thenutjob Movie: The Nut Job ✭✭✭
Good 3-D movie. Watched at home with Jezz on hard drive.
13 kennybaker Kenny Baker died, aged 81
British actor Kenny Baker, starred as R2-D2 in six Star Wars films. Baker became a household name in 1977 when he took on the role of the robot in the first Star Wars film alongside Anthony Daniels's C-3PO character. He went on to appear in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, as well as the three prequels.
18 ringdoorbell Bought ring.com doorbell
I've been hunting around looking for a good two-way intercom and video recording device for the front door and ring.com ticked all the boxes. A little on the expensive side, mind... £159.
20 brianrix Lord Brian Rix died, aged 92
Brian Rix was one of Britain's most successful actor-managers, once described as the master of farce, and also one of the country's leading charity campaigners.
22 thereef

Movie: The Reef ✭✭✭✭✭
Brilliant movie starring the very handsome Damian Walshe-Howling. watched at home from recorded TV from the Horror Channel.

29 genewilder Gene Wilder died, aged 83
Gene Wilder was most known for his role as Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I remember him for his roles with Richard Prior in the films Stir Crazy and See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
SEPTEMBER 1 event, 1 purchase
9 motherand5 Went to Amanda's for the evening
Michele, Nik and I drove to Amanda's for the evening and met up with Mum and Sara. We had home made roast chicken for dinner and apple strudel with cream and ice cream for pudding.
10 swivelstall Bought 2 swivel stalls for kitchen island
Went to Dunelm and saw the different swivel stalls they sold. This one is called is Piso and was £39.99. We bought two and Mum's David took the white tall chair stalls away.
OCTOBER 6 famous people died, 1 meal out, 1 purchase
5 rodtemperton Rod Temperton died, aged 66
Rod Temperton was an English keyboardist who was also a songwriter. He wrote 'Rock With You' and 'Thriller' for Michael Jackson, 'Razzamatazz' by Quincy Jones, 'Stomp' and "Light Up The Night' by The Brothers Johnson, 'Yah Mo B There' by James Ingram & Michael McDonald, 'Give Me The Night' and 'Love x Love' for George Benson and Patti Austin & James Ingram's 'Baby, Come To Me.' He was also a member of the 70's disco band Heatwave and wrote their songs 'Too Hot To Handle,' 'Gangsters Of The Groove,' 'Jitterbuggin',' 'The Groove Line,' 'Razzle Dazzle,' 'Boogie Nights' and 'Always And Forever.' He also wrote songs for Donna Summer, Herbie Hancock, Manhattan Transfer, Michael McDonald and Mica Paris.
14 jeanalexander Jean Alexander died, aged 90
Much loved soap actress Jean Alexander died, aged 90. She was best known for her role as Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street but also starred in Last Of The Summer Wine.
21 davecash Dave Cash died, aged 74
Dave Cash was another DJ I grew up listening to. He worked for Capital Radio for 21 years and was another legend. He was good friends with my hero, Kenny Everett.
23 jimmyperry Jimmy Perry died, aged 93
Comedy writer legend Jimmy Perry died. He was best known for his writing the timeless Dad's Army, It Ain't 'Alf Hot Mum, Hi-De-Hi and You Rang M'Lord? with David Croft.
  peteburns Pete Burns died, aged 57
Pete Burns is best known for the fronting of the 80's band Dead or Alive. Most known hits included: "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" and "My Heart Goes Bang Bang."
24 bobbyvee Bobby Vee died, aged 73
Bobby Vee, an American pop singer from the 50's and 60's will be best remembered for his hits including: "Rubber Ball," "Take Good Care Of My Baby,""Run To Him," "How Many Tears," "A Night Has A Thousand Eyes," "Wishing," "Devil Or Angel" and loads more.
25 logitech Bought Logitech Create Backlit keyboard
This Logitech keyboard and case was £109.95 in John Lewis but I got for half price with PartnerChoice discount.
31 harvester Meal: The Mill (Harvester), Mitcham
Went for an impulsive spot of lunch with Jezz.
NOVEMBER 6 famous people died, 2 events, 1 purchase, 5 meals out
6 jezz45th Meal: Sakura, Carshalton Beeches
Family and Waitrose staff gathered for Jezz's 45th birthday at one of our favourite Indian restaurants. The food was excellent, service superb and the company was fab!
7 cau Meal: Cau, Kingston
Jezz and spent the day together in Kingston, celebrating our 16th anniversary. We went to one of our favourite eatery's, Cau.
  leonard cohen Leonard Cohen died, aged 82
Canadian singer/song writer and poet died.
  jimmyyoung Jimmy Young CBE died, aged 95
Jimmy Young was a singer in the early years of his showbusiness but I remember him most as one of Radio 2's biggest DJ's.
  applewatch Jezz gave me his Apple Watch
After Jezz had bought himself the 2nd generation Apple Watch, he gave me his old one. I've been using it and it's great.
8 ikea Meal: IKEA, Croydon
Went shopping wth Jezz and had lunch in the Ikea restaurant.
11 robertvaughn Robert Vaughn died, aged 83
Much loved actor and for me, best remembered for his role as Harry Rule in The Protectors with co-stars Nyree Dawn Porter and Tony Anholt.
15 silverspoonbreakfast Meal: Silver Spoon Diner, Tattenham Corner
Jezz and I went for an early lunch and both had a breakfast with tea and toast at our favourite cafe.
23 andrewsachs Andrew Sachs died, aged 86
The marvellous Andrew Sachs, most known for his role as Spanish waiter Manuel in the BBCTV comedy series 'Fawlty Towers' starring John Cleese, Connie Booth and Prunella Scales.
24 foencehenderson Florence Henderson died, aged 82
Best known for her role as the Mother in the American 70's TV classic: The Brady Bunch.
  colonelabrahms Colonel Abrams died, aged 67
Famed for his 1985 single 'Trapped' Colonel Abrams suffered with diabetes and lived the last of his years homeless on the streets of New York.
25 fidelcastro Fidel Castro died, aged 90
Fidel Castro was Cuba's former president and leader of the Communist revolution.
26 ringstickupcam Bought new Ring Stick Up Cam
Purchased the Stick Up Cam from ring.com from Amazon Prime for £129 instead of the usual price of £159. We put up almost immediately... well we had to wait for it to charge!
29 swan Meal: Swan, Ash Vale
Went to this pub restaurant for the second time with Michele and Nik. We waited for Mother to arrive back home from a break in France with David. We went on to her's to surprise her with the Pandora ring she wanted for her 72nd birthday, once tipped off.
DECEMBER 11 famous people died, 3 movies watched, 2 event, 1 meal out
6 petervaughan Peter Vaughan died, aged 93
Peter Vaughan is remembered for his roles in Porridge and Games of Thrones. But I remember him best for his role as Billy Fox in the TV drama Fox.
7 greglake Greg Lake, died, aged 69
Greg Lake was Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and was also known for the Christmas single: I Believe In Father Christmas.
10 ianmccaskill Ian McCaskill died, aged 78
Ian McCaskill was a very well known and established BBC weatherman.
16 michaelnicholson Michael Nicholson died, aged 79
Michael was an ITN newscaster, reporter and journalist.
18 zsazsa Zsa Zsa Gabor died, aged 99
The actress, singer and socialite died of a heart attack but was with her family and friends. She married a total of 9 times.
  jakeethan Kelly, Chris and the boys came round
We exchanged gifts with Kelly, Chris, Ethan and Jake. The boys opened theirs. We all had snacks, drinks and played a few games. It was an excellent visit.
19 harvester Meal: The Plough, Worcester Park
Michele, Nik, Jezz and I met up with Mother and Sara, had something to eat and exchanged Christmas gifts. Nice evening.
20 plane Took Gary to Heathrow
Went to Gary's and he opened his presents from me. We then went to a cafe in Beckenham for a breakfast blow-out. Afterwards, we drove to Heathrow Airport Terminal 4.
24 rickparfitt Rick Parfitt died, aged 68
Rick was the guitarist in the legendary band Status Quo. My favourite song by them is still 'Living On An Island.'
  lizsmith Liz Smith died, aged 95
The wonderful Liz Smith, best known for her role as Nanna in BBCTV's comedy 'The Royale Family' has died. She also starred in The Vicar Of Dibley and Two Point Four Children. She was also the voice of Mrs Mulch in Wallace & Gromit's The Curse of The Were-Rabbit.
25 georgemichael George Michael died, aged 53
The legendary George Michael dies... truly shocking. George was the former lead singer with Wham! in the early 1980's and more than hugely successful solo career since 1984.
27 carriefisher Carrie Fisher died, aged 60
Carrie Frances Fisher was an American actress, screenwriter, author, producer, and speaker. She was known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars films.
28 debbiereynolds Debbie Reynolds died, aged 84
Debbie Reynolds was an American actress, singer, businesswoman, film historian, and humanitarian. She was also Carrie Fisher's Mother and it is reported that Debbie suffered a stroke upon the news of her daughter's death, was taken to hospital but never recovered.
29 lastvegas Movie: Last Vegas ✭✭✭✭✭
Totally brilliant movie, my favourite of the year now. Starring Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman.
  theladyinthevan Movie: The Lady In The Van ✭✭✭✭
Starring the wonderful Dame Maggie Smith. Good movie.
  personalservices Movie: Personal Services ✭✭✭✭✭
Epicly funny film starring Julie Walters. Watched this film before.
31 williamchristopher William Christopher died, aged 84
William Christopher played Father Mulcahy in the TV series M*A*S*H.