6 The camera store Jessops went in to administration
9 Watched the movie: "Despicable Me"
16 Movie rental store Blockbuster announced that they were going in to administration
21 Award winning director Michael Winner died, aged 77
26 Watched two movies: "RV" and "The Big Bus"
30 Went for a meal to "The Well House Inn," Mugswell with Jezz
31 Watched the movie: "Goodnight For Justice"
1 Cecil Womack, of Womack of Womack, the legendary soul duo, died, aged 65
  Watched the movie: "The Other Guys"
2 I went for my AMG Driving Experience at Mercedes World, a Christmas gift from Jezz
  Went for a meal at "Valentina", an Italian restaurant in Weybridge with Jezz and Ian
3 Jezz and I went for a meal with the family at The Tattenham, Beefeater restaurant at Tattenham Corner, Epsom Downs to celebrate Anthony's 17th birthday
4 Jazz legend Donald Byrd died, aged 80
6 Nikki and I went for breakfast at my favourite cafe, "Silver Spoon Diner" at Tattenham Corner
11 Went for lunch to "The Well House Inn," Mugswell with Jezz and Ian
17 Actor and National treasure Richard Briers died, aged 79
  Quiz show host Derek Batey died, aged 84
22 Watched the movie: "The Green Hornet"
23 Watched the movie: "Skyfall"
27 I went to St. Thomas's Hospital, London for the first of five Newfill treatments with Odile Brennan
1 Watched the movie: "Man On A Ledge"
4 We bought a new Dyson vacuum cleaner
5 The new 47" Cinema 3D Smart TV arrived
7 Went for an Indian meal with Kelly to the Sakura restaurant in Carshalton Beeches
8 Watched the movie: "Hereafter"
9 Watched the movie: "Battleship"
11 I went for my gym induction with Ricky in Sutton
  I bought a journey recorder from Maplins
14 Comedian Norman Collier died, aged 87
16 Actor Frank Thornton died, aged 92
  Watched the movie: "Ted"
17 Nick's ex-partner Zayne Holmes died, aged 32
22 Watched the movie: "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"
23 Watched the movie: "Happy Feet 2"
24 Went to Michele's for Sunday lunch with Jezz and Ian
25 Went for breakfast to Fortnam & Mason's The Fountain restaurant, London with Jezz and Ian
28 Actor Richard Griffiths died, aged 66
30 Watched the movie: "Gnomeo & Juliet"
1 Watched the movie: "Red"
3 Went for breakfast at a cafe in Bromley with Gary and then took him to Heathrow Airport
8 Ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died, aged 87
12 Michele's 50th birthday and party at Carshalton Athletic Club (The Robins)
13 Watched the movie: "Defendor"
14 Watched the movie: "Cats And Dogs The Revenge Of Kitty Galore"
18 My birthday. Jezz bought me a Mac Mini
  Went for an Indian meal at Sakura, Carshalton Beeches with Jezz, Kelly, Michele, Nikki, Anthony and Ian
20 Watched the movie: "Bad Teacher"
26 Watched the movie: "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift"
27 Watched the movie: "Friends With Benefits"
29 The Final Day - I finally migrated over to Apple from PC, completely
3 Joan and Hayley came down to stay for 4 days
10 Watched the movie: "Source Code"
16 Actor Paul Shane died, aged 72
17 Watched the movie: "Magic Mike"
18 Watched the movie: "Monsters v's Aliens in 3D"
22 3rd treatment of Newfill from Odile at St. Thomas's Hospital
24 Watched the movie: "My Week With Marilyn"
1 Watched the movie: "Snow White and The Huntsman"
5 Went for an Italian meal at Il Laghetto restaurant in Ewell Village with Jezz, Michele & Nikki
7 Watched the movie: "I Don't Know How She Does It"
14 Watched the movie: "Cars 2 in 3D"
19 Singer and songwriter Slim Whitman died, aged 89
21 Watched the movie: "Open Season in 3D"
27 Jezz broke his ankle at Epsom Downs
28 Watched the movie: "Men In Black 3 in 3D"
4 Singer with the group The Nolans, Bernie Nolan died, aged 52
5 Watched the movie: "Jack and Jill"
8 I was officially diagnosed as having diabetes
11 Actress Anna Wing died, aged 98
12 Journalist, broadcaster and presenter Alan Whicker died, aged 87
  Watched the movie: "Brave 3D"
13 Actor Cory Monteith (from the American series 'Glee') died, aged 31
19 Watched the movie: "I Am Number Four"
  Actor and comedian Mel Smith died, aged 60
22 Watched the movie: "The Boy She Met Online"
26 Watched the movie: "Get Me To The Greek"
2 Watched the movie: "Contagion"
9 Watched the movie: "Total Recall (2012)"
12 Watched the movie: "A Time To Remember"
14 Watched the movie: "The Class"
16 Watched the movie: "Arthur (2011)"
22 I went for an Italian meal at Il Laghetto restaurant in Ewell Village with Jezz and Ian
23 Watched the movie: "Hitchcock"
24 Friend Donald died, aged 80
27 Comedian Mike Winters died, aged 82
31 Watched the movies: "Furry Revenge," "Eric & Ernie"
  English journalist, comedian, writer, media personality and television host Sir David Frost died, aged 74
2 I went for a meal to the Beijing Garden, Cheam with Jezz and Ian
  British broadcaster David Jacobs died, aged 87
6 Watched the movie: "Hugo in 3D"
13 Donald's funeral service at Randalls Park Crematorium, Leatherhead
14 Watched the movie: "One For The Money"
15 Watched the movie: "Battle Los Angeles"
16 Watched the movie: "Android Apocalypse"
18 Watched the movie: "The History Boys"
25 Debbie and Simon came over for the day
27 Watched the movie: "Identity Thief"
15 Simon's Nan died
18 Friend Carol (Sarah's Mum) died
24 Went for an Indian meal at Sakura restaurant, Carshalton Beeches with Jezz, Michele, Dean, Anthony, Nikki and Kelly
25 I had my third tattoo, cala lily with hearts on my right lower leg
26 Vicki's 40th birthday party in Handcross, West Sussex
27 Singer and songwriter Lou Reed died, aged 71
31 Carol's funeral service
1 Watched the movie: "Mr. Right"
2 Joan & Hayley came to stay for 5 days
  Watched the movie: "Hop"
3 Jezz's Big Birthday Firework Extravaganza
5 I went for an Italian meal to Il Laghetto restaurant, Ewell Village with Jezz, Ian, Joan and Hayley
  I went for breakfast to the Silver Spoon Diner, Tattenham Corner with Ian, Joan and Hayley
11 Jezz and I bought an iPhone 5S
16 Watched the movie: "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone"
17 I drove Michele to Victoria
18 Went for a meal to the George (Harvester), Morden with Gary
19 I went shopping in Kingston with Jezz and Nikki
23 Watched the movie: "Killing Kennedy"
24 Friend David Heirons died
28 Actor Lewis Collins died, aged 67
29 Disaster: Glasgow helicopter crash (10 died)
  Watched the movie: "The Life Of Pi in 3D"
30 Actor Paul Walker died, aged 40
2 Simon's dog, Saffron died, aged 15
4 I went to lunch at the Toby Carvery, Ewell with Nick
5 Nelson Mandela died, aged 95
  Went for lunch to The Tattenham, (Beefeater) restaurant at Tattenham Corner with Jezz
6 Watched the movie: "Star Trek Into Darkness"
11 Christmas gathering at The Mote bar and restaurant, for the patients and staff of The Courtyard Clinic, Tooting
13 Watched the movie: "Grown Ups"
15 Actor Peter O'Toole died, aged 81
16 Found out that my friend Liz had died in October
19 Disaster: Apollo Theatre, Shaftsbury Avenue roof collapsed (no fatalities)
21 Sports commentator and broadcaster David Coleman died, aged 87
24 Watched the movie: "The Amazing Spider-Man"
  Disaster: Kitchen Flood
31 Comedian John Fortune died, aged 74