Including 17 movies watched, 27 famous people died and 16 meals out.


4th - Watched the movie "Bully"
5th - Drove Gary to Gatwick Airport
6th - Had a meal and gathering for Nick Ward's 50th birthday at The Dining Room restaurant in Herhsam, nr. Weybridge
8th - Watched the movies "Along Came A Spider" and "Bridesmaids"
9th - Watched the movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry"
10th - Jezz and I finally arranged a will for each other
17th - Watched the movies "He's Just Not That Into You" and "17 Again"
20th - Etta James died, aged 73
31st - Watched the movie "Funny People"


2nd - Went for a meal at The Plough, Sutton (Harvester) for Anthony's 16th birthday
7th - Had an Indian meal at Sakura restaurant
8th - Watched the movie "Crimes Of Passion"
11th - Singer and actress Whitney Houston died, aged 48
12th - Had a Sunday lunch at M.D.'s and met Ian and Donald
20th - Bought Philips Juicer from Curry's (£99)
21st - Got the windows tinted on the Mini Cooper
22nd - Comedian Frank Carson died, aged 85
28th - Endoscopy appointment and biopsy
29th - Actor and singer Davy Jones from The Monkees died, aged 66


3rd - First meal at Donald and Ian's with Jezz and M.D.
5th - Indian meal at Sakura with Michele
9th - Jezz and I spent the day and evening at Donald & Ian's
10th - Kelly stayed the night
15th - We received DD's will
27th - Jezz and I got the iPhone 4S, both through a T-Mobile upgrade
28th - Car accident in the Mini at Ewell by-pass
29th - Watched the movie "2012: Doomsday"


4th - Lunch at The Terrace, Kingston with Jezz and Ian
8th - M.D.'s 70th birthday bash
11th - Jezz, Donald, Ian and I were invited by Ann to join M.D. at his works birthday do at The Little Bay, South Croydon
18th - Birthday meal, paid for by Ian... We went to The Halfway Bridge, Petworth with Donald, Ian and M.D.
28th - Went to Donald & Ian's for the evening


8th - Had my first tattoo done
9th - Vidal Sassoon died, aged 84 | Podiatry appointment
13th - Went for lunch in Kingston with Kelly and M.D.
17th - Donna Summer died, aged 63
18th - Went to Brighton alone
20th - Robin Gibb died, aged 62 | Watched the movie: "Superhero Movie"
21st - Watched the movie "Bring The House Down"
24th - Went for lunch at Coombe Lodge, a Beefeater with Jezz, M.C. and Nick
30th - Went over to Lizz's with Jezz and Vicki for a Chinese take away
31st - Chauffeured M.D. and Ann to Richmond and the return journey back home in the evening


2nd - Queen's Jubilee celebrations at Donald and Ian's
4th - Jezz and I spent the evening at Donald and Ian's
10th - I drove down to Vicki's and took her for Sunday lunch at The Black Swan in Peas Pottage
17th - D Day year 15 | Went for a meal at The Plough, Worcester Park (a Harvester) with Michele and Anthony
18th - Lead singer of The Flying Pickets, Brian Hibbard died, aged 65 | Cricketer Tom Maynard died, aged 23
23rd - Went to Brighton for the day with Jezz and Ian
25th - Took Michele to St. Helier Hospital


1st - Went for a meal at Henry's Table, Hackbridge with Jezz, Sarah and Karen for Sarah's birthday
2nd - Drove Anthony to Victoria Coach Station with Michele
4th - Comic legend Eric Sykes died, aged 89
5th - Watched the movie "A View From The Top" | Started new drug regime
6th - Watched the movie "Mall Cop"
11th - Nikki had hysterectomy operation
20th - Newscaster and journalist Alistair Burnett died, aged 84
23rd - Olympic torch went past our home
24th - Meal out The George, Morden with Ian and Jezz
27th - Geoffrey Hughes died, aged 68 (Eddie Yates from Coronation Street, also played Onslow in Keeping Up Appearances and Twiggy in The Royale Family)
31st - Ian took Jezz and I to Clivedon House for afternoon tea, with Kelly and Donald


7th - Vicki and I went for a meal at The Mint, Banstead | Watched the movie "Road to Coronation Street"
9th - Sakura restaurant meal out with Kelly
17th - Theatre night out in Guildford to see "Three Men and a Boat" - went with Ian and Jezz
20th - Legend Phyllis Diller died, aged 95
25th - Neil Armstrong died, aged 82
26th - Went to see a Vintage Car Show locally with Jezz and Ian. | Meal with Jezz and Ian at The Mint, Banstead
28th - Brighton Gay Day Out with Jezz and Nikki
31st - Wisley Gardens Day Out with Jezz and Ian


1st - Max Bygraves died, aged 89
2nd - Jezz and I went to the Farmer's Market, Surbiton and then on to the Mint, Banstead for Sunday lunch
3rd - Michael Clarke Duncan died, aged 55. He played John Coffey in the movie The Green Mile (the big black guy)
7th - Terry Nutkins died, aged 66 | Went to Cromer and stayed over night in a hotel with Michele, Nikki and Anthony
8th - Had a fish and chips take away meal at Brenda & Bob's in Cromer with Gwen, Michele, Nikki and Anthony
9th - Donald, Ian, Jezz and I went to The Rose Theatre in Kingston to see Cirque Du Ciel's Shanghai
13th - Jezz and I went for another Indian meal at Sakura, with Donald, Ian, Michele, Anthony and Kelly
20th - Went with Simon to get his next car, the Audi TT
26th - Legend singer Andy Williams died, aged 84
27th - Actor Herbert Lom died, aged 95


2nd - I bought myself the 3rd generation iPad
8th - Lunch with Gary at Coombe Lodge
15th - Jezz bought me a Powermat for the iPhone
16th - Jezz bought me my Bluetooth wrist band
18th - Carol Barnet (Sarah's Mum) died
20th - I had the iron security gate fitted over the back door
23rd - Mike Morris died, aged 65
31st - Carol Barnett's funeral service and gathering at The Greyhound pub, Carshalton


2nd - Watched the movie "You Again"
4th - Jezz's pre-birthay bash at home with fireworks. Ian, Michele, Anthony, Kelly, Debbie, Simon & Andrew were there
6th - Ian, Jezz and I went to Brighton for the day and ad lunch at Yo! Sushi for Jezz's birthday
7th - Jezz and my 12th anniversary and we went for lunch at the Beefeater restaurant Tattenham Corner, Epsom Downs | Clive Dunn died, aged 92
9th - Actor and singer Bill Tarmey died, aged 71
15th - Went for a Toby carvery with Jezz, Nick, M.C. and Jamie
17th - Ian took us a beautiful tea rooms style cafe in Petworth called Tiffins
23rd - Actor Larry Hagman died, aged 81
27th - Went to Ikea with Gary and then for lunch in a cafe in Bromley


6th - Lila was born at 8.04pm. She is Charlie & Abby's daughter and weighed in at 7lb 13oz and measures 56 inches
8th - I drove Anthony and his friend Bradley to Wembley Arena to see You Me At Six
9th - Sir Patrick Moore died, aged 89
12th - The Clinic's Festive Forum | Debbie and Dean's wedding and on to the celebration meal at Mimi Coco's, Cheam Village
13th - The new BT YouView box arrived
14th - Watched the movie "Abduction"
15th - Watched the movie "Adam and Steve"
16th - Jezz and I went to Michele & Anthony's for early Christmas meal. Nikki, Paul, Zoe, Neil, Alfie, Freddie, Ella, Kelly, Ethan and Jake were all there too
20th - Watched the movie "Crazy For Christmas"
24th - Actors Jack Klugman died, aged 90, Charles Durning, aged 89 | Went to the crematorium with Jezz to refresh flowers
25th - Stayed in all day... opened 54 presents and was with Jezz and Ian. And together again for Christmas dinner