petepostlethwaite2nd - Actor Peter Postlethwaite died, aged 64
gerryrafferty4th - Song writer and singer Gerry Rafferty died, aged 63
susannahyork15th - Actress Susannah York died, aged 72
kellyandwayne18th - Meal: Sakura Indian restaurant with Kelly, First of several




3rd - Jezz and I went to Daddy David's in Brighton for the day
garymoore6th - Guitarist and singer Gary Moore from 70's band Thin Lizzy died, aged 58
7th - Meal: Sakura Indian restaurant with Kelly, 2nd of several
9th - Movie: The Good Girl
10th - Movies: The Break-up and Point Break
16th - Movie: Equilibrium
23rd - Went to Michael K's with Jezz and assisted with a photo shoot
jamiekelly23rd - Meal: Beijing Garden, Cheam Village with Jezz, Kelly & Jamie
ddandwayne60th26th - Daddy David's 60th birthday celebration and meal at the Hotel Seattle, Brighton Marina




6th - Movie: Unstoppable
MINICOOPER7th - Ordered Mini Cooper from Mini at Tadworth and paid deposit
8th - Movie: Life As We Know It
juliewaltersasmo13th - TV Drama: Mo
michaelgough17th - Actor Michael Gough died, aged 94. Most known for his role as Alfred the Butler in the 60's TV series 'Batman'
22nd - Went to see neighbour Marie who was in St. Helier Hospital
elizabethtaylor23rd - Actress and legend Elizabeth Taylor died, aged 79





simonsminicooper2nd - Drove Simon's Mini Cooper everywhere in preparation for getting my car in June
3rd - Michéle & Anthony's for Sunday lunch with Jezz
14th - Jezz and I went to see DD in hospital at Brighton
14th - Kelly came round in the evening and we had a curry and played on the Wii with Jezz
trevorbannister14th - Actor Trevor Bannister died, aged 76. Most known for his role as Mr. Lucas from the 70's comedy BBCTV series 'Are You Being Served?'
johnsullivan23rd - Comedy writer John Sullivan died, aged 64. Most noted for his writing of comedy hit series 'Citizen Smith,' 'Only Fools and Horses' and 'Just Good friends'
phoebesnow26th - Singer Phoebe Snow died, aged 58
28th - Jezz and I went to Specsavers. I got a prescription for two pairs of glasses.
williamandcatherine29th - The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine
ethan30th - Ethan's birthday party and bbq




1st - Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan
henrycooper1st - Boxer and TV personality Henry Cooper O.B.E., K.S.G. died, aged 76
3rd - First of many visits to the dentist for several treatments
4th - Renault Megane's first MOT
noparkingsign4th - Dave came and put up two 'no parking' signs around the back
6th - First of five sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Thulasi
seveballesteros7th - Golf player Seve Ballesteros died, aged 54
12th - Collected my two pairs of glasses from Specsavers
pandroabracelet14th - Jezz and I got Pandora bracelets from Pandora in Kingston
16th - Took MD to the clinic
hamptoncourt20th - Day out to Hampton Court Palace with Jezz, Joan and Hayley
22nd - Day out to Arundel with Jezz, Joan and Hayley
mdwaynejezz25th - Day out with MD to Kingston with Jezz. Meal: Browns, Kingston
kellywayne26th - Kelly came round for the evening




3rd - Big dentists appointment
coterestaurant5th - Jezz and I went to DD's and helped him with his new PC. He took us for lunch to Côte restaurant in the Lanes, Brighton
minicooper6th - Collect the new Mini Cooper
7th - Dentists for another filling
8th - Back to Brighton and to sort DD's PC out
15th - Jezz and I took DD to Guy's Hospital, London for his stent procedure
tattenhamcorner17th - Collected DD from Guy's Hospital with Jezz and went for a meal to the Beefeater, Tattenham Corner
18th - Meal: Indian take-away from the Clay Oven with Jezz, Michéle and Anthony
20th - Movie: The King Of Comedy
21st - Newfill procedure at the Wolverton Centre with Richard and Debs
22nd - Movie: Paul. The first movie rented from PSN
peterfalk24th - Actor and legend Peter Falk died, aged 83. Most known for his role as 'Columbo'




2nd - Movie: Mutiny On The Buses
15th - Met up with sister Nik at Costa in Banstead
21st - Meal: Beijing Garden, Cheam Village with Michéle
amywinehouse23rd - Singer Amy Winehouse died, 27
30th - Movie: Wind Chill
31st - Meal: Brown's, Kingston with Jezz, Michéle and Anthony



2nd - Meal: Coombe Lodge, Croydon for lunch with Jezz and Nikki
3rd - Jezz and I went to Westfield Shopping Centre
3rd - Went to see DD in Guy's Hospital
3rd - Movie: Firewall
headphones4th - Bought my Sennheiser cordless Bluetooth headphones
4th - Went to see Darren
5th - Movie: The Bank Job
10th - Meal: Carats café in Shoreham with Jezz and DD
12th - Meal: Coombe Lodge, Croydon with Jezz and Colin C
robertrobinson13th - TV presenter and broadcaster Robert Robinson died, aged 83
23rd - Movie: Taken
24th - Movie: Up
24th - Met Pete's Bill for the first time
ipad226th - Got an iPad 2



6th - BT Infinity was installed
17th - Movie: The Day The World Stood Still [remake]
paulzerdin22nd - Went to see Paul Zerdin at the Epsom Playhouse with Jezz
23rd - Went to Côte restaurant, Brighton with DD and Jezz
davidcroft27th - Comedy writer David Croft died, aged 89
certificatepresentation29th - Went with a few others from the clinic to collect special award certificate at St. George's Hospital




1st - Movies: 'Shirley' and 'The Iron Giant'
kesatthedragon5th - Evening out to The Dragon, Colgate with Jezz, Kelly and Debbie. Met up with Kes there
stevejobbs5th - Founder of Apple, Steve Jobbs died, aged 56
6th - Had more locks fitted to the doors in the flat
bettydriver15th - Actress and Coronation Street legend Betty Driver died, aged 91. Most known for her role as Betty Turpin.
18th - Went to Brighton with Jezz to see Barry Green and DD
tattoo19th - Had my first ever tattoo done
gadaffi20th - Gaddafi was killed in Libya
irenevicki26th - Meal: Cosmo's, Croydon with Jezz, for Vicki and Irene's birthday
jimmysaville29th - Sir Jimmy Saville O.B.E. died, aged 84
29th - Had this year's flu jab
29th - Float with Jezz, Zoe, Gareth, Shirley-Ann and Phil



lansdowneplace2nd - Went to the Lansdowne Place Hotel, Brighton with Jezz, MD, Colin C for hot stone massage and facial. Met up with DD for the lunch afterwards
9th - Meal: Coombe Lodge, Croydon for lunch with Jezz
ps311th - Acquired a Playstation 3
ddandwayne13th - My Daddy David died, aged 60
waynemaggie18th - My wonderful Maggie died, aged 60
21st - Meal: Coombe Lodge, Croydon for lunch with Nick W.
kenrussell27th - Film and TV director Ken Russell died, aged 84
urbankitchenbreakfast30th - Day out with Jezz to Reigate Village and breakfast in the Urban Kitchen



maggieandme1st - Maggie's funeral and service at Beckenham
ddandwayne2nd - David's funeral and service at Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton
4th - Meal: Sunday lunch at Michéle and Anthony's
antelopefood14th - Clinic Christmas party and for the first time ever, away from the clinic. It was held at The Antelope pub in Tooting
21st - Met up with Jamie and his girlfriend Natalie, Nick W and MC and we all went to Kingston and had lunch together in a café
christmas201123rd - Joan and Hayley came up for the holidays and stayed for 9 days