haleyandjoan2nd - Joan and Hayley came down to stay for a few days
Jezz's Mum Joan and his sister Joan came to stay with us for a few days. We did the usual things of going out for meals out and nights in playing Uno and on the Playstation.
7th - Movie: "Thirteen: Conspiracy"
9th - Movie: "Hostage," "The Proposal" and "Stark Raving Mad"
10th - Movie: "Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous"
teddypendergrass13th - Teddy Pendergrass dies, aged 59
Another tragic loss to the music industry. I grew up listening to Teddy Pendergrass and although I don't consider myself a true fan, I totally adored everything he ever recorded and favourites include Turn Off The Lights, Love T.K.O., Come Go With Me and of course, Hold Me, sung with Whitney Houston.
15th - Movie: "Straight From The Heart"
16th - The Dreamweaver and Flash SCOLA computer course started
I registered and paid for this computer course back in October 2009. There were around 12 of us in the class and the course tutor was Rob. We were taught the fundamentals of Adobe's Dreamweaver and an introduction to Flash. Rob was patient and is a very good trainer.


3rd - Meal: Harvester, The George, Morden for Anthony's birthday
8outof10cats4th - Went to the recording of 8 Out Of 10 Cats with Jezz
Jezz and I drove in to Shepherds Bush and walked around the Westfield Shopping Centre for a while, until my legs are started hurting, as usual. Then we made our way over to the BBC Television Centre and joined the queue for 8 Out of 10 Cats. It was good fun and quite funny. David Walliams and Fern Britton were amongst the guest panelists.

hp2309w_monitor6th - Bought a new HP2309 monitor for the PC
As my second screen decided to start playing up by not turning on at boot up, I went and bought a new second monitor. I now use two HP monitor, one is 22" and the other newer and second one is 23".
10th - Movie: "In Dreams"
13th - Meal: Franky & Benny's, Collier's Wood for Zoe and Charlie's birthdays
The family gather for another birthday celebration meal out. This time it's Zoe's and Charlie's and a few of us decided to have the Sticky Chicken Pasta dish... a dish I've since re-created at home.
16th - Went to rescue Lee from running out of petrol in Addiscombe
I was lying in bed, dozing off and the land line phone rang. It was Lee! He'd run out of petrol along the Addiscombe Road, between Addiscombe Village and Beckenham. I got some petrol and got him back mobile.
25th - Meal: The Mint, Banstead with Mike O
Mike and I decided it would be good to have a catch up chat and a bite to eat so I suggested my trusted and faithful eatery, The Mint pub in Banstead, Surrey.
26th: Movie: "Death Wish"


3rd - Former MP Michael Foot dies, aged 96
5th - Movie: "Death Wish 2"
12th - Movie: "Death Wish 3"
15th - Meal: Pizza Express, Wallington for Nikki's birthday
23rd - Movie: "It's Complicated"
debbiedell26th - Debbie Dell's 50th birthday celebration at The Olive Tree, Banstead
Jezz and I went to celebrate Debbie's 50th birthday at The Olive Tree in Burgh Heath, near Banstead. Riot to going there, I had arrange with Dean and Deb's sister to collate some photos of Debs when she was younger. We used them as a montage and displayed them on a projector as a continuing slideshow on one of the walls in the pub. It was quite effective.
Click on the image for a youtube video special.
29th - Movie: "Doomsday"
31st - Movie: "Shooter"; Jezz and I went to the show: Bruce Forsyth: A Comedy Roast
Jezz and I had booked tickets to go and see the recording of Bruce Forsyth: A Comedy Roast. It was quite funny in parts but the waiting went on forever, before we were let in. It was a good night out though!


michaelcharlton1st - Had lunch at The Coach House Cafe in Croydon with Michael C
I don't get to see enough of Michael Charlton and so, prompted by Nick, I arranged to meet Michael for lunch at The Coach House Cafe opposite Shirley Hills lower car park. The place is run by Gary Ellis, an old school mate.
4th - Meal: Nikki's for Easter Sunday
5th - Meal: Sakura, Carshalton Beeches with Kelly; Movie: "Blades Of Glory"
April saw the first of many visits to the Indian restaurant, Sakura in Carshalton Beeches and the theme was that it would be a Dad and daughter evening. It was a glorious success and many more followed.
jamiegreen8th - Meal: Coach House Cafe, Croydon with Nick, Michael C, Jezz and Jamie; Malcolm McLaren dies, aged 64
A week later from having lunch with MC at The Coach House, Nick wanted us to meet James's son, Jamie so we all met up and had some lunch together. Also on this day, another music legend from my youth died, Malcolm McLaren, most noted for his "Buffalo Gals" and "Double Dutch."
12th - Meal: Park Place, Mitcham for Michele's birthday
18th - David, Jezz and I went for a float at Floatworks; Met Simon's Andrew for the first time
Celebrating my 43rd birthday, Daddy David comes up from Brighton and Jezz and I took him to Floatworks, at London Bridge, a place that has several floatation tanks. We all had one each at the same time. It was so completely relaxing. Later, in the evening, Simon came over and brought Andrew with him. It was the first time that Jezz and I had met him in person.

19th - Was admitted in to hospital with abdominal pain
This pain was really odd. It started the day before, on the way home from London but then wore off. By the time we'd all eaten, it was back and in the morning, it had just got worse. It was kidney pain.
20th - Grab rails were fitted around the bath and shower rail extended
23rd - Was discharged from hospital
26th - Vicki came round for the evening
28th - Went to collect and drop off Wendy's mobile, stayed for the evening
Whilst chatting on the phone with Wendy, she said she'd left her mobile at a friends in Sussex. I offered to go and get it for her and take it to her at home. Jezz and made a day out of it and it gave us time together in the car so it had its advantages. We spent some time with Wendy too.
30th - Went to Ethan's 4th birthday party


4th - Went to Kes's place in Old Coulsdon and recorded a few more songs
Kes and I recorded some songs, hahaha... laid some tracks, back in 1995 and five years later, met up to have another go. This time, I didn't feel so polished; before I'd been going to karaoke regularly at the local gay pub but this time, I felt a little out of practice. We recorded Goodbye My Lover, Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying, I Can See Clearly Now and Can't Help Falling In Love.
7th - Went to Michele's candle party
Jezz and I went along to Michele's candle party, more in support really and because we were both doing little else! But it was good fun and we bought a few items too. We also bough D David a candle too.
9th - Movie: "Crash"
10th - Meal: Sakura, Carshalton Beeches with Kelly
11th - Movie: "Full Metal Jacket"
18th - Megane went to Renault for it's 12,000 miles service
jezzwayne_londoneye19th - Day Out: "The London Eye" and "The London Film Museum" with Jezz; Had crack in side skirt of car repaired
Probably my favourite day of the year. Jezz and I wanted to make every Wednesday our day out together but a lack of money pretty much to pay to that quickly. But instead, we are able to venture out for the day and in a special way and the trip on the London Eye was really special. I don't know why... but it just was a perfect day. The movie museum after was really good fun too.
28th - Actor Gary Colman from Diff'rent Strokes dies, aged 42
29th - Actor Dennis Hopper dies, aged 74
31st - Vicki came over for the afternoon


1st - Meal: The Mint, Banstead with Jezz and Colin
Jezz had been intending on me meeting Colin for some time because he's a nice guy and a good conversationalist. Well he is and we had a great time at The Mint in Banstead, the three of us together.
ruemcclanahan4th - Movie: "Absolute Power"; Actress Rue McClannahan dies, aged 76
My Rue... oh no! Not another Golden Girl? We were devastated of the news that Rue McClannahan died. She played Blanche Davaro in the legendary American sitcom "The Golden Girls."
5th - Barbeque at Melanie and Mark's in Sittingbourne, Kent with Jezzmelandmarksbbq
It's always been my intention to make an effort and go to see Melanie, particularly as it's always been her efforts that has meant we have kept in touch and seen each other at all... so Jezz and I decided that we would drive to Sittingbourne and meet her new fella, Mark, as well as seeing Melanie too, of course.
11th - Jezz and I went to D David's in Brighton for the day and had lunch at Carrats cafe
14th - Meal: Sakura, Carshalton Beeches with Kelly
18th - Movie: "The Recruit"
21st - Jezz was taken to hospital by ambulance with chest pain
Jezz's pain returns with a vengeance and he's taken by ambulance back to hospital. I'd call the doctor and she came out and decided to make the phone call for an ambulance. Once there, he was tested again and although it was taken more seriously than the previous visit... he still needed to wait for any inflammation to return to normal before any surgical procedure could be performed.
25th - Jezz is admitted in to hospital with a gallbladder problem
29th - Jezz is discharged from hospital


1st - Movie: "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
4th - Meal: "The Mint, Banstead with Jezz, Joan and Hayley
lizzsbbq11th - Barbeque at Lizz's with Vicki, Cerys and Jezz
Jezz and I had a great Summer's day afternoon in Lizz's garden over in Addiscombe with Lizz, Vicki and Cerys. The weather was right, the food was great and we all did our bit to make the afternoon just lovely.
13th - David Alton's funeral at Kingston Crematorium
I think I only met David half a dozen times, once at Betty's funeral and then again at Dad's. I just felt this strong need to represent Dad and/or the girls (Nik and Michele) at David's so stayed in the background. I tended to Dad's flowers while I was there.
24th - Movie: Enough
I think this movie was my favourite of the year. It starred Jennifer Lopez as a battered wife who runs away with her child but seeks revenge on her husband.


5th - Meal: The Mint, Banstead with Nikki
In a mad moment of impulse and spontaneity, Nikki and I decide to have lunch together at The Mint, Banstead. It was lovely and made a change that she wasn't in her usual hurried state and that we were both able to relax and enjoy one another's company.
9th - Meal: Sakura, Carshalton Beeches with Kelly
11th - Movie: "The Sentinel"
17th - Three day break away: Great Yarmouth with Jezz, Joan and Hayley
This one we had arranged about a month ahead. We set off around 6am and got there before 9am. Joan and Hayley were already there as they'd been since the beginning of the week. The complex was like a caravan site, full of kids and it felt a little too common for me. But that didn't scupper the fun we had in the company of Jezz's Mum and sister. It was very relaxing and the weather was good too.
jezzpeugeot30th - Jezz exchanged his Suzuki Jimny and bought a Peugeot 207cc
An exciting day for Jezz but then, I felt equally as excited, for him! He'd been wanting to trade in his Jimny, not through boredom necessarily but more of wanting something a bit more sporty and had liked the look of the Peugeot 207cc, before he finally saw this one on line. Having a hard-top convertible was the selling part, that and being able to afford it. It's just a shame we haven't a good enough sunny day since for him to tear down the M23 to Brighton.


1st - Jezz and I took Michael D to Gatwick Airport
6th - Attended a peer support induction at The Holiday Inn, Sutton
For most of this year, I have been wanting to put something back in to the support that I've been getting from the centre in Sutton and the health care in general. I thought that this project would be perfect but realised that I wasn't going to be able to commit before the second date of the induction so bailed out. I'm still very determined to do something though.

9th - Jezz and I collected Michael D from Gatwick Airport
10th - Took Michael D to PC World, Croydon and he bought a new laptop
I was keen for Michael to use his laptop to its potential, just as it decided to pack up. Annoyingly after taking him to PC World to get a new one, his old laptop came back to life.
11th - Barbeque at Spencer and Rose's in Addiscombe, with Simon
I had gotten to know Spencer quite well from all the visits that I made to Simon's work place, Spencer always spent a few minutes with me in reception. When he left and held a leaving do at his home, I was invited via Simon's plus one. It was lovely to be part of it and I felt quite privileged too. I also got to meet his lovely wife and daughter.
13th - Meal: Sakura, Carshalton Beeches with Kelly
14th - Jezz's car window was repaired at Robins & Day in South Croydon
26th - Went to Chariots, Streatham
30th - Actor Tony Curtis dies, aged 85
Another shocking death - I remember Tony Curtis with Roger Moore in The Persuaders in the seventies. And then appearing in the movie Smokey And The Bandit with other greats like Burt Reynolds and Sammy Davis Jr.


1st - Jezz and I bought an iPhone each from the Mac store at Westfield Shopping Centre
Undisputedly the biggest purchase of the year was the iPhone. Jezz had been wanting one for some months and I'd been saving frantically for the new HTC Desire HD, but whilst in the Mac store in West London, I decided it might be a better idea to have the same phone as Jezz. He's always good at dissecting every single function and facility and before the evening was out, we had contacts mail and calendar sync'ed with our Google accounts, photos uploaded and iTunes configured. And for all of those that have told me off for telling you not to buy one, I apologise. It is without question, the best mobile phone that I have ever owned. It's also been the most useful handheld on line device as well as a piece of technology that, because of App's, you never tire of.
normanwisdom4th - Actor Norman Wisdom dies, aged 95
Another great actor and comedian from my youth finally passed away, Norman Wisdom. I remember watching him as a child in mostly black and white epics playing the part of Norman Pitkin in The Square Peg, The Early Bird, A Stitch In Time and On The Beat.
8th - Took Michael D and his goddaughter Jo to Gatwick Airport
10th - Meal: Michele and Anthony's with Jezz; Movie: "Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past"
12th - Clare Rayner dies, aged 79
ellawilson16th - Stacey gave birth to Ella, 7lb 13oz
The long awaited birth of beautiful Ella, Stacey and Spencer's baby and yet another very proud moment for my sister Nikki, who is a Grandmother for the third time, first time to a granddaughter.
18th - Meal: Sakura, Carshalton Beeches with Kelly
21st - Had flu jab
29th - Meal: Fred's, Littlehampton with D David and Jezz



jezzinhospital5th - Jezz had gallbladder removed at Epsom General Hospital
It's not difficult to see why nothing else happened in November with the drama that went on with Jezz and his gallbladder! But today was the start of the solution... the removal of the offending gallbladder at the very hospital where I was born 43 years before! He stayed in over night but was home the next day. Unfortunately, the operation caused more wind than expected and he was back in the local hospital a week later - but discharged again the following day.
6th - Jezz was discharged from hospital


4th - Samurai sword incident
I don't like talking about this incident much now so, suffice to say, it ranks as the most horrific incident for the last 20 years of my life. In short, a man, who was under the influence of a cocktail of vodka and super glue, got the wrong door number when he was set out to murder someone with a samurai sword. He was at our front door but the police was exemplary and arrested him within 15 minutes of him being there.
ethanasanangel9th - Kelly and I were at Ethan's first Nativity play
Kels and I went to see Ethan in his first Nativity Play at his school in Carshalton. He played an angel, sort of cameo role then really! Bless him... and he sang rather well too, and loudly!

xmas201025th - Meal: Christmas lunch at Nikki's with Jezz and the family
Jezz and I went to my sister's Nikki and we had Christmas lunch at hers, around the table; there was 14 of us in all. We played a few party games after and generally had a great time.